Acts and Rules

The State has enacted the following legislations to regulate the development of
road infrastructure, to protect the highways and also to provide for the establishment of
a Fund for investments in the transport facility projects.

Following enactments provide for regulating collection of tolls.

Following rules have been made for the purpose of carrying into effect the provisions of the above enactments.
The above enactments and rules regulate collection of tolls.

The Kerala Highway Protection Act, 1999

This act provides for:

  • Fixation of building lines and control lines on roads, to regulate ribbon development
  • Speedy statutory procedures for removal of encroachments from roads
  • Other measures for protecting road assets
  Rules have been notified under the Act to regulate control of access and restriction on use of land.
Following notifications have been issued appointing various authorities specified in the act.
.Following notifications have been issued declaring certain roads as city roads, major district roads and state high ways.

The Kerala Road Fund Act 2001

  This Act provides for:

  • collection of user charges by private sector participants in road / bridge, bypasses projects etc.
  • setting up of a road fund outside the consolidated fund of the state to which will be channelised

    • 10% of all motor vehicle taxes
    • all toll revenues collected under the provisions of Kerala Tolls Act, 1986
    • contributions from central Road Fund, and
    • other identified sources of revenue

  • setting up the Road Fund Board, an independent statutory body having powers to

    • approve all participation agreements
    • allocate from the Road Fund subsidies/annuities/other assistance to private participants
Kerala Road Fund Rules, 2003 have been issued for carrying out various provisions of the Kerala Road Fund Act, 2001.

The new Mattancherry Bridge at Kochi was constructed on BOT basis in accordance with the tripartite agreement among Government of Kerala, Greater Cochin Development Authority and M/s Gammon India Ltd. As per the agreement user charges are being collected. The notification revising the user fees for various types of vehicles were issued on 3rd October 2002.

Rules have been issued to implement the various provisions of the above Acts. Full text of the enactments and notifications can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the name of the act concerned.

The Right to Information Act 2005

An Act to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens to secure access to information under the control of public authorities, in order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority, the constitution of a Central Information Commission and State Information Commissions and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.