Rest Houses

Kerala State Public Works Department has rest houses in all cities and towns and in most of the major panchayats and hill stations of the state. Rooms are available for stay of Government officials on duty at the places and to general public according to availability. There are 137 rest houses/ Inspection Bunglows/TBs under the control of PWD at the following locations.

District Location Phone No.
Thiruvananthapuram Thycaud
Kollam Kollam
  Kuttalam (Tamilnadu)
Pathanamthitta Pathanamthitta
  Aranmula Sathram  
Alappuzha Alappuzha
Kottayam Kottayam
Idukki Idukki
Ernakulam Ernakulam
  Fort Kochi
  North Parur
Thrissur Thrissur
Palakkad Palakkad
  Thathamangalam (Chittoor)  
Malappuram Manjeri
Kozhikode Kozhikode
Wayanad Kalpetta
  Mananthavady TB
  Mananthavady IB  
Kannur Payyannur
Kasargod Kasargod


Rules for reservation, occupation of Rest Houses, Camp sheds and Conference halls under Public Works Department.

1 Short Title : These rules shall be called the Kerala Rest House occupation rules.

2 Extent : 3 Definitions :

They shall apply to all Rest Houses, Camp Sheds and conference halls under the control of Public Works Department.

a) Controlling Authority means the Chief Engineer (Buildings) or any Authority subordinate to him who is so authorised by him
b) Custodian Officer means Assistant Engineer in charge of the Rest House
c) Day means a whole day of 24 hours calculated from the time of check in.

d) Government means of Government of Kerala
e) Officer in charge means a Manager, Steward, Caretaker or other staff as the case may be who is authorised to be in charge of a Rest House
f) Reserving Authority means Executive Engineer, PWD Buildings Division of the district concerned. It shall mean Executive Engineer, Buildings Division, Kollam for Rest House,Courtalam

4. Reservation of accommodation, Period of occupation and Procedure for allotment

4.1 Accommodation in Rest Houses shall be reserved for government servants on official duty and members of general public on formal application to the Reserving Authority affixing a court fee stamp for a value of Rs. 10 as reservation fee at least seven days in advance. Employees of State, Central and other State Governments, Members of Parliament, and Members of Legislative Assembly of the state are exempted from payment of reservation fees. In the case of persons applying for reservation from outside the state, reservation fee shall be collected along with room rent at the time of occupation. Under no circumstances reservation fee paid shall be refunded.

4.2 Reservation shall not ordinarily be made at a stretch for more than seven days for Government officers on official duty and three days for general public. In exceptional cases, the Reserving Authority is empowered to reserve rooms for Government officers on official duty up to a maximum period of thirty days. Reservation of accommodation for periods over thirty days shall be sanctioned by Government.

4.3 The full amount of rent for the entire period of reservation shall be paid in advance to the Officer in charge of the Rest House before the room is occupied. In case of extension of reservation, the full rent for the extended period of reservation shall be paid in advance before the commencement of the period of extension subject to confirmation of reservation for the extended period from the Reserving Authority. The rent paid shall not be refunded except in situation detailed under sub rule 4.5 of this rule or when the applicant is denied accommodation for no fault on his part.

4.4 The applications received by the Reserving Authority shall be processed three working days prior to the date of reservation. The basis for reservation shall be the order of precedence given in Annexure V. While considering application for reservation from the same category, reservation shall be confirmed in the order of seniority of the applications. It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to confirm the reservation from the Reserving Authority.The Reserving Authority shall intimate details of reservation to the Custodian officer and Officer in charge.

4.5 If the occupant does not require the accommodation already reserved for the entire period,he shall intimate the same in writing to the Reserving Authority or the Officer in charge at least 24 hours in advance. The Officer in charge, on receipt of such intimation shall immediately communicate the fact to the Reserving Authority. In such cases, the balance amount of advance rent remitted towards the period for which reservation is cancelled shall be refunded. In any case, if the rent to be refunded is to be sent by money order/other means, the charges towards the same shall be met from the advance rent paid and only the balance amount shall be sent to the party. However, advance rent shall not be refunded, if accommodation is reserved and paid for, but not utilized without prior intimation.

4.6 Those who do not reserve accommodation may be allowed to occupy a room in a Rest House if it is available on arrival and is not reserved for anybody by the Reserving Authority. In such cases, the Officer in charge shall

allot the rooms with the concurrence of the Custodian Officer in stretches of one day. The rent in full for the day shall be paid in advance before the commencement of occupation.

4.7 At least one room in each Rest House shall be designated as VIP room which shall not be available for prior reservation. The Reserving Authority or the Custodian Officer shall allot these rooms in the order of precedence on the arrival of the dignitary. More than one room in a particular Rest House can be designated as VIP room with the concurrence of the Controlling Authority, if required. The VIP rooms shall be allotted only to the dignitaries covered under items (a) to (k) in the order of precedence mentioned under Annexure V.

4.8 Two rooms in Class I Rest Houses and one room in Class II and III Rest Houses shall be designated as PWD rooms for accommodation of PWD officers on official tour. These rooms shall be kept outside the quota set apart for general reservation.

4.9 Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules, the Reserving Authority shall have powers to reserve room for any person, cancel the reservation once made and also to direct the occupant to vacate at any time without giving any reason what to ever.

5. Room rent, occupancy and concession to Government employees

5.1 Rest Houses under PWD are classified into three based on the norms detailed below for convenience in administration. The list of Rest Houses in the three categories are appended as Annexure I. All Inspection Bunglows and Camp Sheds under Public Works Department except the one at Sabarimala shall hereafter be designated as Rest Houses.

Class I - Rest Houses situated in all District Head Quarters and having ten or more number of rooms and Rest Houses at Thiruvalla, Thodupuzha, Tirur, Thalassery and Courtalam.

Class II - Rest Houses having six or higher number of rooms not covered under Class I category Class III - Other Rest Houses having five or lesser number of rooms

5.2 The daily rent for the rooms in PWD Rest Houses shall be as follows.






Rs 400/-

Rs 300/-

Rs 250/-


Rs 300/-

Rs 200/-

Rs 150/-

Additional Bed

Rs 60/-

Rs 50/-


5.2.1 Governor, Chief Minister, Ministers of the Union , Speaker, Chief Justice of Kerala, State Ministers and Leader of Opposition shall be eligible for accommodation in Rest Houses free of rent for both official and private tours.

5.2.2 A party occupying an air conditioned room shall pay its stipulated rent irrespective of whether air conditioner is used or not.

5.2.3 The number of additional bed shall be limited to a maximum of one per room. The charges for additional bed shall be levied irrespective of whether extra bed is used or not, if the occupant is above the age of 12.

5.3 Every occupant shall enter details in the occupation register appended under Annexure II which shall be maintained in duplicate. The officer in charge shall submit one copy to the Custodian Officer along with the remittance of the rent collected. The Officer in charge shall ensure that the rooms in a Rest House are not occupied by any person other than bonafide travellers.

5.4 All occupants shall produce their photo identity card at the time of occupation. This shall include driving license, election ID card, passport, Adhar, PAN card, photo identity card issued by state/central government, current passbook with photograph of a nationalised/ scheduled bank or ration card with photograph. Officer in charge shall note down the type of identity card, card number and name of issuing authority in the occupation register.A photocopy of the identity card shall be obtained and submitted to the Custodian Officer along with the remittance of rent.

5.5 An occupant shall not enter a room without adhering to the formalities stipulated under sub rule 5.3 and 5.4. If an occupant is allowed to enter a room without adhering to the formalities, the officer in charge shall be liable to pay a fine equal to one day’s rent which shall be recovered from his salary. Normal disciplinary proceedings shall also be initiated against the erring officer.

5.6 Government officials including state ,central and other state government officials while on official duty outside the place of their headquarters are eligible for allotment of rooms at the normal room rent or 1/3 rd Daily Allowance whichever is less. IAS/IPS Probationary officers undergoing training in the state are also be eligible for the above concession. Additional amount of Rs. 50/- per day will be charged for air conditioned rooms. Officers other than self drawing officers on official duty shall produce Daily Allowance Certificate in Annexure III for availing the benefit of this concession. Self drawing

officers shall furnish a declaration in the format in Annexure IV to avail the benefit of concession. The concession shall be denied if certificate/declaration is not produced by an official. The Officer in charge shall submit the certificates/declaration to the Custodian Officer along with the remittance of rent. The Officer in charge shall be liable to pay a fine equal to the difference between normal rent and rent paid by the occupant, if benefit of concession in rent is extended to an occupant without producing Daily Allowance Certificate or declaration as the case may be.

5.7 Government officials on private tour are eligible for accommodation at 50% of the normal rent detailed under sub rule 5.2. For availing this concession, the occupant shall produce his official identity card. The card number and office from where the card has been issued shall be noted in the occupation register. A photocopy of the identity card shall be obtained from the occupant and shall be submitted to Custodian officer along with the remittance of rent. Extending this concession without producing the official identity card shall invite a fine of Rs.500 to be paid by the Officer in charge.

5.8 If a room is occupied by more than one Government employee on official duty, each employee shall record his name and other particulars in the occupation register and rent at the prescribed rate under sub rule 5.6 shall be paid by each employee. The formalities detailed under sub rule 5.3, 5.4 and 5.6 are applicable to both employees in such cases.

5.9 Members of general public shall pay the normal rent detailed under sub rule 5.2 for the first three days of their occupation. For occupation for period in excess of 3 days, the rent shall be double the normal rent.

5.10 Concession to other categories

5.10.1 Members of the Parliament and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Kerala State are eligible for the same concessions which are allowed to Grade I Government officers in the matter of occupation of room in a Rest House. They shall produce Identity card for availing the concession.

5.10.2 Former Members of Parliament/Members of Legislative Assembly /Members of Kerala Public Service Commission are eligible for accommodation at a concessional room rent of Rs.150 per day plus aircondition charges, if any at Rs.50 per day. They shall produce their identity card for availing the above concession.

5.10.3 Employees of the Kerala State Electricity Board and Kerala Water Authority who occupy rooms in a Rest House in connection with any official duty need pay only the concessional rate of rent applicable to Government

servants under sub rule 5.6 provided they produce the Daily Allowance Certificate in the prescribed format in Annexure III.

5.10.4 The accredited press correspondents in the state shall be entitled to a concession of 75 % of the normal room rent detailed under 5.2 on production of Accreditation card. The officer in charge shall enter the number of the Accreditation card in the register and keep a photocopy which shall be submitted to the Custodian Officer along with the remittance of rent.

5.10.5 Retired government employees of the state are eligible for accommodation at 60% of the normal rent plus aircondition charges, if any at Rs. 50 per day. For availing this benefit, the applicant shall produce photo identity card issued by the state government or Pension Book issued by the Accountant General. Copy of identification document shall be obtained and submitted to the Custodian Officer.

5.10.6 Extending concession to any category detailed under sub rule 5.10 without obtaining the documents stipulated for identification and recording the details of the document in the Occupation Register shall invite a fine of Rs.500 in each case to be paid by the officer in charge.

6. Order of precedence
The Reserving Authority shall strictly adhere to the Order of precedence for accommodation in Rest Houses

detailed under Annexure V

6.2 If a particular Rest House is required for the Governor and his party subsequent to the reservation of it to any other member of the different categories mentioned above, such reservation shall automatically stand cancelled and the officers occupying it shall vacate forthwith on receiving intimation of reservation to the Governor and party. The occupation of the buildings by the Governor and members of his family shall be free of charge.

7. Safety of articles and installations and penalty for damages caused

7.1 A list of articles available showing the value of each shall be kept in each room. Occupants are expected to exercise consideration and care for the rooms and furniture. Any defacing of the walls or floor or damage to the furniture, electrical, water supply and sanitary installations shall render the occupant liable for expulsion from the building besides payment of rectification charges assessed by the Custodian Officer. The full value of the articles damaged or broken by the occupant shall also be realized. A fine of Rs.500 shall be imposed in both cases. The Officer in charge shall be responsible for bringing the damages to the notice of the Custodian Officer and recovering the amount towards rectification charges with fine from the occupant before he vacates the room. The amount so collected shall be entered in the remarks column of the Register.

7.2 The occupant is free to bring to the notice of the Officer in charge of the Rest House any damage to the buildings and installations therein noticed during his occupation. Subsequent complaints shall not be entertained.

7.3 No articles shall be removed from the Rest House except under the orders of the Custodian Officer. The articles provided in a room shall not be moved to other rooms for the convenience of the occupants. The request from the occupants or visitors for re arrangement of furniture, carpets or any other installation in the rooms shall not be entertained.

8. Safety of Money and Valuable articles

8.1 Occupants shall not keep any articles of value or money carelessly in their rooms but keep all such articles under their safe custody. The Government shall not be responsible for loss of money or valuable articles belonging to an occupant or damage done to the occupants property in case of an accident or fire.

9. Catering charges

9.1 Charges for catering if any, provided in Rest Houses shall be at the rates prescribed by Government for Guest Houses under the control of the Tourism Department. The share of the receipt creditable to Government as catering charges shall be 5% of the bill amount for food served in the dining hall and rooms. This amount shall be

remitted on the first working day of every month in the office of the Custodian officer. Non remittance in time shall invite a fine of Rs.500 in each case to be paid by the officer in charge.

9.2 The rates for catering shall be prominently displayed in the dining room.

9.3 The staff posted at Rest Houses are forbidden from receiving tips from the occupants. Those found asking for tips and receiving the same shall be liable for punishment. Any inconvenience or difficulty caused to the occupants by the act of a staff posted on duty shall be to the notice of the Custodian Officer for remedy.

10. Payment of dues

10.1 Bills related to room rent, catering charges and other items, if any shall be prepared in triplicate and signed by the Officer in charge in the format under Annexure VI. Original copy shall be issued to the occupant, duplicate copy submitted to the Custodian officer along with the remittance and the third kept as record in the Rest House. The occupant shall make payment in cash on presentation of the bills. Under no circumstances occupants may leave or cause their luggage be moved from the Rest House before all accounts are finally settled. The Officer in charge shall acknowledge receipt of the money received in the space provided in the cash bill.

11. Maintenance of accounts

11.1 The officer in charge of the Rest House shall keep the accounts of the income received by him from the Rest House properly. If there is refund, the acknowledgement of the party shall be obtained and submitted to the Custodian officer. The amount refunded shall be got entered by the occupant in the occupation register with his signature. Additional amount if any paid by the occupant shall also be entered in the occupation register under his signature.

11.2 The Custodian Officer shall issue printed occupation register,cash bills and other required documents to the Officer in charge as and when required. He shall maintain a register for this in his office.

11.3 The Officer in charge shall remit the money received by him in the Rest House to the Custodian officer every two weeks on the 1st and 16th of every month or the next working day if happens to be a holiday.

12. Infectious Diseases

12.1 Visitors who are suffering from infectious diseases shall neither be given accommodation in Rest Houses nor shall be served food. If any resident gets an attack of an infectious disease, he shall inform the fact to other officer- in-charge and vacate the room forthwith.

13. General
Holding of conferences, seminars, hearings and adalats in Rest Houses other than at the designated halls shall

not be permitted.

13.2 Audio/Video players or any other musical/audio instruments shall not be played in the rooms or common spaces causing disturbance to others.

13.3 Use of alcoholic liquor in Rest House buildings including rooms shall be strictly prohibited.
13.4 Occupants are not permitted to bring inflammable articles/lethal weapons in to the Rest House campus.

13.5 No electric appliances other than those supplied shall be fitted in the rooms for operation without first informing the officer-in-charge of the building in writing and obtaining his permission in writing. Additional use of electric power shall be charged extra based on an assessment by the electrical wing of the department. Unauthorised additional use of electric power would invite a fine of Rs.250, which shall be paid by the occupant along with the charges for additional consumption. The officer in charge is responsible for arranging assessment by electrical wing and collecting the amount towards additional consumption from the occupant

before he vacates the room, otherwise the extra charges with fine shall be recovered from the Officer in charge.

13.6 No vendors or their representatives shall be allowed to peddle their way to the Rest House campus and enter any building or room thereof.

13.7 Commercial Vehicles/Vehicles loaded with articles intended for sale or advertisement shall not be permitted to enter the premises.

13.8 Occupants shall not bring any pet animals to the premises of the Rest House.

13.9 A list showing the names and designation of officers posted in the Rest House shall be displayed in a conspicuous place for the information of the occupants. The rate of rent and other charges applicable to the Rest House shall also be displayed.

13.10 The rooms of the Rest House shall be numbered and the details regarding occupants in each room shall be displayed in a convenient place.

13.11 A copy of these rules shall be displayed in each room and at a common place in each building for information of the occupants and visitors.

13.12 A suggestion book shall be maintained in every Rest House for the occupants to record complaints, if any and suggestions to improve the functioning of the Rest House. The Custodian Officer shall arrange to have these suggestions examined and bring important points to the notice of the Controlling Authority for orders.

14. Videography and film shooting in Rest House campus
Videography/film shooting shall be allowed in Rest House campus with prior sanction from the Executive

Engineer, Buildings Division of the district.

14.2 Allotment of Rest House campus for film shooting shall be subject to the following guidelines

14.2.1 On receipt of sanction, the applicant shall remit in advance a fee of Rs.25,000 per day. The fee is applicable for all classes of Rest House. The applicant shall also remit additional amount equal to one day’s fee towards security deposit. The security deposit shall be released after completion of shooting and after a detailed assessment of damages, if any by the Custodian Officer. The security deposit shall be forfeited to cover the damages caused, if any or released otherwise.

14.2.2 Videography/film shooting or related activities shall not be allowed in rooms or any of the interior portions of buildings in a Rest House .

14.2.3 The activities shall in no way hinder the normal functioning and security of a Rest House.
14.2.4 The activities related to videography/film shooting shall not deface any building or cause damages to

the premises including buildings, landscaping and gardens

14.2.5 The allottee shall abide by the instructions issued by the Officer in charge or Custodian Officer for ensuring unhindered functioning of the Rest House while videography/film shooting is in progress.

14.2.6 The allottee shall submit a signed declaration to the Custodian Officer in stamp paper worth Rs.100, agreeing to abide by the above conditions.

14.2.7 If there is breach of the conditions agreed to by the allottee, as decided by the Custodian Officer, the sanction issued will stand cancelled and the allottee shall vacate the premises forthwith with all his belongings. The allottee is bound to abide by the instructions of the officer in charge and Custodian officer in this regard. The security deposit will be forfeited to government as fine in such cases.

14.3 Permitting videography/film shooting in Rest Houses without observing the guidelines shall invite disciplinary action and the loss incurred shall be realised from the Officer in charge.

15. Conference Halls

15.1 Conference Halls attached to Rest Houses are intended for official review meetings, training programmes and seminars conducted by Public Works Department. The halls shall also be reserved for use by other government departments, statutory bodies, government and semi government corporations and companies, Boards and general public also when not required by the Public Works Department.

15.1.1 Rest House dining halls, where meetings are conducted shall also come under the purview of these rules.

15.2 The normal rent for the conference halls shall be as given below. Full rent for a day shall be levied even if the hall is occupied only for part of a day.

Area of conference hall

A/C Conference Halls

Non A/C Conference Halls

Upto 60 sq.m

Rs.1500 per day

Rs.1000 per day

60 to 100 sq.m

Rs.3500 per day

Rs.2500 per day

Above 100 sq.m

Rs.6000 per day

Rs.3500 per day

15.2.1 For air conditioned conference halls, rates for A/C hall will be charged irrespective of whether air conditioner is used or not

15.2.2 The Conference Hall shall be reserved for the functions of Public Works Department free of rent on written request by an officer not below the rank of an Executive Engineer.

15.2.3 The conference hall shall be reserved for departments other than Public Works Department on a request by their district officer at a concessional rate of 40% of the normal rent under sub rule 15.2 which shall be paid in advance.

15.2.4 The conference hall shall be reserved for Chief Information Commissioner / State Information Commissioner / Kerala State Human Rights Commission / Water Appellate Authority and similar statutory bodies/ Semi Government / Quasi Government / Government owned Companies / Government owned Boards/Corporations/Societies/Authority on their written request at a concessional rate of 50% of the normal rent, which shall be paid in advance.

15.2.5 The conference hall shall be reserved for private functions other than functions arranged by political parties charging rent under sub rule 15.2.

15.3 When the hall is reserved for private functions, the applicant shall remit the rent under sub rule 15.2 in advance for the days reserved along with a security deposit equal to one day’s rent subject to a minimum of Rs.2000. The security deposit shall be released only after a detailed assessment of damages, if any made by the Custodian Officer after the function. The security deposit shall be forfeited to cover the damages occurred, if any. It shall be released if there is no other liability.

15.3.1 The responsibility for cleaning the hall and premises after use shall rest with the allottee. If such a cleaning is not done after a function, it shall be got done by the officer in charge. In such cases, the security deposit remitted by the allottee shall stand forfeited.

15.3.2 The allottee shall submit a signed declaration to the Custodian Officer in stamp paper worth Rs.100, agreeing to abide by the conditions for allotment covered in these rules.

15.4 Priority for reservation of conference hall shall be in the order of the departments mentioned under sub rules 15.2.2, 15.2.3, 15.2.4 and 15.2.5 respectively.

15.5 The allottee shall ensure that their activities in no way hinder the normal functioning or security of the Rest House.

15.6 The allottee shall ensure that the conference halls, furniture, public address system and other equipments installed are intact, that the buildings are not defaced or damaged in any way and that the premises are kept clean. The allottee is bound to make good any loss to government in this regard.

15.7 Food items shall not be served in conference halls. They shall be served only at designated dining halls or locations fixed for the purpose.

15.8 Officer in charge shall ensure that conference halls/dining halls are occupied for meetings, seminars and training programmes only after obtaining sanction and remitting the prescribed rent. Otherwise, the loss incurred by government shall be realised from the Officer in charge.

15.9 Cleaning of the hall and premises, if required, in the case of reservations made under sub rule 15.2.2, 15.2.3 and 15.2.4 shall be the responsibility of the officer who has requested for reservation. He shall also be responsible for making good any damage to the hall, furniture and installations.

15.10 The Reserving Authority for conference halls shall be Executive Engineer, Buildings Division of the district.

16. Camp Sheds

16.1 Camp sheds in the state are primarily intended for use by Government officers travelling on duty and hence they have at all times preferential claim for occupation without limit of time and have them reserved in advance. The time limit for occupation stipulated under sub rule 4.2 is not applicable in the case of Government servants occupying camp sheds while on official duty. All other conditions are those applicable to Rest Houses.

16.2 The rate of rent applicable to the Camp sheds shall be that for Class III Rest Houses.

16.3 Executive Engineer, Buildings Division shall be the Reserving Authority for camp sheds under Public Works Department.