Geographical Kerala Accident Management System (GeoKAMS)

GeoKAMS - Geographical knowledge based Kerala Accident Management System is an accident data management system that facilitates efficient recording and analysis of road accident data. Maintenance and retrieval of paper-based accident reports are cumbersome. Effective accident blackspot improvement works and measurable road safety plans can be implemented only with a reliable and powerful accident database like GeoKAMS.

GeoKAMS ensures collaboration among traffic police, road engineering departments, motor vehicles departments, insurance companies and non-government agencies involved in road safety. The software can be integrated with the police records and can be maintained by the crime records bureau, traffic police stations and/or road engineering departments. The analysis of accident information helps road safety engineers to recommend appropriate counter engineering measures, assists effective enforcement management and deployment to reduce accidents. Reliable accident data will also assist in developing targeted road safety awareness and campaigns.


Application Features

GeoKAMS has six modules:

  • Accident Report Form – which captures all accident data present in the Road Accident Report of Kerala Police. The police will record the details of the accident on the accident report form. The form or a copy of it is sent to the District/ National Police Headquarters where the accident data is entered using this module. The computer operators will also input the collision diagram sketch using a hand held scanner. This module will take the required inputs for creating the report from the FIR module at SCRB.

  • GIS (Geographic Information System) Engine – To plot accidents on digital maps and having capability for accident analysis including plotting options, polygon searches, creating monitor sites and black spot identification

  • Analysis Engine - This facilitates Cross Tab Analysis, Stick Analysis, Kilometre Analysis, and Collision Diagram generation
compRepository/photogallery/KSTP/analysis1_s.jpg compRepository/photogallery/KSTP/analysis2_s.jpg compRepository/photogallery/KSTP/analysis3_s.jpg

  • Standard Reports - module to generate routine reports like accidents based on severity, accidents classified acccording to type of area, time, weather conditions, road conditions, day of the week, vehicle types, passenger/pedestrian casualty statistics etc.

  • Dynamic Query Builder - to view sub sets of accident data .
  • Administration and Tools module - This module facilitates system administration and maintains the digital map versions. Granting access rights, periodic backlog file and distribution of data are controlled by the Admin module. Importing digital maps, creating monitor areas, updating IRC accident and collision symbols and labelling the maps are done through the tools module.

Access to the application is restricted using user names, user groups and password. Yet another module creates users and sets various privileges for each user. The application is platform-independent and now works on both Windows and Linux operating systems. Other main fetaures of the application includes multi-lingual capabilities, support for multiple databases, support for multiple GIS formats, automatic collision diagram generation with vehicular movements, link to police information system, extensive support for all statutory national and international accident data reporting formats including MoRTH, IRC, and APRAD etc.

[GeoKAMS was launched on 1st June 2004 by Chief Minister of Kerala and was handed over to the Director General of Police. IBS Software Services, Technopark developed the application with inputs from international road safety specialists, traffic engineers and enforcement personnel.]