Government Circulars

Date Department Circular No Details
20-01-2018 GAD G.O (Rt) No. 7739/2017/ GAD dated 07-12-2017 Zero tolerance to corruption: Pro-Active Disclosure under RTI Act - Instructions issued
20-01-2018 Finance GO(P)No 8/2018/Fin dated 15-01-2018 Issue of Administrative sanction and Technical sanction for Public works - Guidelines for preparation and approval of proposals
12-01-2018 KPHCC E1/679/2016/KPHCC/ADMN dated 29-12-2017 Deputation to the post of Assistant Executive Engineer (Civil) to Kerala Police Construction Corporation: Application invited
11-01-2018 GAD G.O (Rt) No.7782/2017/ GAD dated 18-12-2017 Allotment of Conference Hall in Kerala House, Mumbai - Revised rent rates and guidelines approved
08-01-2018 PWD(H) G.O (Ms) No. 1/2017/PWD dated 05-01-2018 Implementation of Social auditing in PWD: District level social audit committees constituted
06-01-2018 RMSA 2468/P1/2017/RMSA dated 22-12-2017 Deputation to the post of Deputy Director (Engineering Division) in RMSA State Office, Kerala
01-01-2018 Finance G.O (Ms) No. 540/2017 (87)/Fin dated 11-12-2017 Pay Revision 2014 (PWD): Uniform allowance to Ferryman sanctioned
28-12-2017 PWD(A) PWD-A4/326/2017 dated 08-12-2017 Visit of Secreteriat Team to PWD Offices to review the functioning of the Department: Directions issued
04-12-2017 PWD(A) A1/148/2017/PWD dated 20-11-2017 Deputation of Engineers to NHAI: Cancelled
29-11-2017 IRC Technical Circular IRC-24(8)/2017 dated 23-10-2017 Promoting usage of environment friendly "Green" technologies and new materials, techniques, machinery, technology etc accredited by IRC in Road Sector
25-11-2017 GAD CD4/182/17/PWD dated 17-11-2017 Observance of "Constitution Day 2017" in all Government Offices on 27-11-2017 -reg. Revised Circular
23-11-2017 GAD Cdn.4/182/2017/GAD dated 15-11-2017 Observance of "Constitution Day 2017" in all Government Offices -reg.
21-11-2017 SC/ST Development 12006(e-285/16)/F1 /15/SCSTDD dated 14-08-2017 Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe Development Department - Appointment of Director of Institute of Integrated Medical Sciences Society, (Medical College) Palakkad - reg.
13-11-2017 IT (B) G.O (Ms) No. 21/2017/ITD dated 06-11-2017 Optimising the Telecom infrastructure by implementing a system of shared towers - orders issued
31-10-2017 Health M3/189/2017/H&FWD dated 07-10-2017 68th TB Seals sale campaign 2017: Participation by Government Departments - Instructions issued
31-10-2017 PWD (G) PWD-G3/564/2017/PWD dated 19-10-2017 Submission of Proposals for consideration of SLEC/SLMC meeting - Instructions - reg.
31-10-2017 Finance 77/2017/Fin dated 19-10-2017 Pay Revision Arrears: Second Installment - Directions to process the same in SPARK
31-10-2017 GAD 53779/SW1/15/GAD dated 12-10-2017 Wrongly using national motto along with state emblem: Strict instructions issued
31-10-2017 P&AR 4/28/17/P&AR dated 26-10-2017 Celebration of Malayalam Day, Official Language week and taking official language pledge - reg.
28-10-2017 GAD Cdn.1/128/2017/GAD dated 24-10-2017 Observance of 31st October as Rashtriya Sankalp Diwas
16-09-2017 PWD Letter No. 769/PS/ M(PW&R)/2017 dated 12-10-2017 from the Office of the Minister for Public Works with endorsement from Chief Engineer (Road Maintenance) to all Executive Engineers Inspection of Road Maintenance work in state: Charge of various Districts assigned to Chief Engineers
11-09-2017 PWD
  1. G.O (P) No. 3/2017/PWD dated 09-08-2017
  2. SBD for works costing below Rs.5 Crores              (Down Load Editable PDF Version 16-09-2017)
  3. SBD for works costing above Rs.5 Crores            (Down Load Editable PDF Version 16-07-2017)
Standard Bidding Documents (SBD) for PWD for e-Tendering approved: Orders issued
11-09-2017 Minister (PWD) Letter No. Ltr No. 648/ Spl.PS /M(PW&R)/2017 dated 07-09-2017 with Chief Engineers Note Engineers Congress 2017 and Award for Best Engineers - Reg
11-09-2017 Minister (PWD) Letter dated 08-09-2017 PWD Minister's Letter to all Engineers in PWD
11-09-2017 CM's Office CMCC-7/22/2017-CMCC dated 29-08-2017 Redressal of grievances received through Chief Ministers Grievance Cell- Strict Instructions issued
07-09-2017 Finance GO(P)No 112/2017/Fin dated 24-08-2017 Delegation of Financial Powers of the Administrative Departments and Heads of Departments Government Orders - Erratum
07-09-2017 Finance GO(P)No 102/2017/Fin dated 07-08-2017 Delegation/Enhancement of Financial Powers of the Administrative Departments of the Secretariat and Heads of Departments - Revised
24-08-2017 NHAI NHAI/11011/17/2012 dated 02-08-2017 Deputation to the post of Manager, Deputy General Manager and DGM (Technical) in NHAI
23-08-2017 PWD PROFORMA Hill Highway and Coastal Highway: Action Plan 2016-17 - Proforma for submission of report to Minister for Public Works
17-08-2017 PWD (H) G.O (Rt) No. 1213/2017 /PWD dated 11-08-2017 Preparation and Publication of Local Market Rates (LMR) by the Department of Economics and Statistics - Allotment of Daily allowance to the staff of Economics & Statistics - Permission to prepare LMR by PWD for a period of two more months - Sanctioned: Orders issued
16-08-2017 GAD (Services) SD2/63/2017/GAD dated 27-07-2017 Celebrating August 19 2017 as Sadbhavna Diwas - Pledge: Instructions issued
11-08-2017 GAD (Political) 141/Pol.5/2017 dated 02-08-2017 Independence Day Celebrations 2017: adherance to Guidelines
25-07-2017 PWD(C) C3/436/2017/PWD dated 22-07-2017 Submission of Project Proposals and other correspondences from Chief Engineer to Government Secreteriat in online mode from 22-07-2017: Guidelines issued
22-07-2017 LSGD (RC) 248/RC3/2016/LSGD dated 14-07-2017 Cutting of road avenue tree and other trees in Public Places: Instructions issued
22-07-2017 PWD(C) G.O (RT) No. 932/2014/ PWD dated 03-07-2014 Unauthorised construction of Bus Shelters along PWD roads prohibited: Orders issued
11-07-2017 Industries (Training) Letter No.A1/479/2016 dated 13-07-2017 Graduate/Technician apprenticeship programme in PWD: Registering of Offices in National Web portal - Direction issued to Executive Engineers
11-07-2017 PWD (E) G.O (Rt) No. 917/2017 /PWD  dated 03-07-2017 Continuous sanction to 471 posts in PWD for one year starting from 01-04-2017
06-07-2017 PWD (E) 386/E3/2017/PWD dated 30-06-2017 Implementation of PRICE software in all wings of PWD - Strict instructions issued
08-06-2017 PWD (A) G.O(Rt) No.717/2017/PWD dated 27-05-2017 Continuous Sanction accorded for 106 post in KSTP for one year starting from 01-04-2017
07-06-2017 IT Mission DDFS/Admin/517/2014-KSITM dated 22-05-2017 Empanelment of Certifying Authorities for issuance of Digital Signature Certificate for Government of Kerala Officials
07-06-2017 Finance (PF) G.O (Rt) No.58/2017/Fin dated 03-05-2017 Revision of upper monetary limit for various categories of sanctioning officers with specification of their scales of pay - orders issued
30-05-2017 PWD (A) PWD-A1/175/2017-PWD dated 24-05-2017 Deputation of Engineers from PWD as consultants to help IMG in the preparation of Master Plan and to advice and supervise works to be undertaken
15-05-2017 CERT - KSITM CERT Kerala Press Note CERT Kerala Press Note: Instructions to prevent advanced cyber threats
25-02-2017 CTE 5/2017/Fin dated 24-01-2017 Adoption of CPWD/MoRTH/MoRD specifications and prevailing DSR for public Works in the state-Clariifcations issued
18-02-2017 MORTH RW/NH-29011/2/2015-P&M (RSCE) dated 14-09-2016 MORTH Circular: Immediate cautionary measures for alerting road users at identified black spots
17-02-2017 P&ARD Rules-1/66/2017/P&ARD Direction to Convene DPC
08-02-2017 SC/ST Development 205/E2/16/SCST dated 05-11-2016 Usage of malayalam term "Keezhalar" banned in Government communications, publications and Documents
08-02-2017 Finance 04/2017/Fin dated 21-01-2017 Dearness Relief on Pension to State Government Pensioners and Family Pensioners including those coming under UGC/AICTE/Medical Education Schemes and those drawing Dearness relief at Central Rates w.e.f  01-07-2016
04-02-2017 State Election Commission Ltr No. C3/48/2017-PWD dated 23-01-2017 Bye-Elections to Local Self Government Institutions: Restrictions to Transfers of Officials in charge of R.O & A.R.Os: Instructions issued
03-02-2017 General Administration (Co-ordination) Department 28/Cdn.2/2016/GAD dated 18-01-2017 122nd Maramon Convention from 12-02-2017 to 19-02-2017: Assistance of various Government Departments - Reg.
23-01-2017 CAD 731450/B1/16/CAD Dated 10/01/2017 Preparation of Panel of AE/AEE for imparting training on Conservation Project with support of Archeological Survey of India_ Those who are interested may contact HRD Cell
23-01-2017 Public Works Department C3/11/2017/PWD Dated 09/01/2017 Nominations invited for Chief Ministers award for innovation in Public Policy_2016
20-01-2017 General Administration (Co-ordination) Department 5/Pol.5/2017/GAD dated 13-01-2017 Republic Day Celebrations 2017: Adherence to the Guidelines - Reg.
20-01-2017 General Administration (Co-ordination) Department 1/CDN.2/2017/PWD dated 04-01-2017 Martyr's Day 2017: Observance of 2 minutes silence at all Government Offices to pay homage to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives in India's freedom struggles
20-01-2017 CUSAT Ad.G1/UE-TO/Deputation /2016 dated 09-01-2017 Deputation to the post of University Engineer and Executive Engineer in CUSAT: Applications invited
20-01-2017 PWD (A) PWD-A3/301/2016-PWD dated 09-01-2017 Deputation to the post of Chief Engineer (Civil) in Andaman Public Works Department: Applications invited
10-01-2017 PWD (C) G.O (Rt) No. 1770/2016 /PWD dated 30-12-2017 Empanelment of firms as as consultants for taking up PWD works: Validity extended
10-01-2017 PWD (H) G.O (Rt) No.1776/2016 /PWD dated 31-12-2016 Renewal of contractor license - Time limit for application extended up to 31-03-2017
06-01-2017 PWD (A) G.O (Rt) No. 1763/ 2016/PWD dated 28-12-2016 Continuous sanction issued for 471 posts in PWD for six months starting from 01-10-2016
06-01-2017 Finance (Infrastructure) Infra.3/23/2016/Fin dated 23-12-2016 Sanction for Investigation estimates of KIFB Projects to be executed through PWD
28-12-2016 PWD (A) G.O (Rt) No. 1729/2016 /PWD dated 20-12-2016 Development and Implementation of PRICE Software: Nominating Executive Engineer (IT, GIS & RMMS) as the Administrator
13-12-2016 PWD PWD-A3/265/2016-PWD NHAI invites applications for Different Posts(DGM and Manager9technical)
13-12-2016 General Administration (Co-ordination) Department CDN4/85/2016/GAD Dated 07/12/2016 Observance of Energy Conservation day on 14-12-2016 in all Schools and Government offices- Taking Oath on Energy Conservation
28-10-2016 General Administration (Co-ordination) Department 981298/Cdn.4/2016/GAD dated 21-11-2016 Observance of Constitution Day on 26th November in all Government Offices
28-10-2016 General Administration (Co-ordination) Department 75/Cdn.3/2016/GAD dated 25-10-2016 Observance of "Rashtriya Ekta Diwas" - Regarding
28-10-2016 General Administration (Co-ordination) Department 19/Cdn.1/2016/GAD dated 20-10-2016 Observance of 31st October 2016 as Rashtriya Sankalp Diwas (National Re-dedication Day) - Regarding
24-10-2016 General Administration (Political) Department 275/Pol.5/2016/GAD dated 21-10-2016 Display of UN Flag on UN Day - Instructions issued
17-10-2016 Finance (Inspection Wing) - Technical (CTE) 78/2016/Fin dated 19-09-2016 Execution of Public Works: Guidelines on estimate preparation
15-10-2016 Information Technology IT-B2/298/2016-ITD dated 27-09-2016 Application invited for PGDeG Course 2016-17
15-10-2016 PWD (B) PWD-B3/140/2016/PWD dated 29-09-2016 Appointment of Assistant Executive Engineer/Assistant Engineer to the Archaelogy Department on deputation and working arrangement: Applications called for
07-10-2016 PWD (C) C3/242/2016/PWD dated 26-09-2016 Prime Ministers Awards for Excellance in Public Administration
26-09-2016 PWD (G) G1/67/2016-PWD dated 09-09-2016 Submission of Estimates: Guidelines to be followed by all Officers
08-09-2016 OIDC OIDC/2/App/SE/349/ 2016/327 04-08-2016 Deputation to the Post of Superintending Engineer, Omnibus Industrial Corporation of Daman & Diu and Dadra Nagar Haveli Limited - Applications invited
05-09-2016 Finance (ARC) 58/2016/Fin dated 27-06-2016 Pay Revision 2014 - Crediting of salary arrears to Government Account - New head of account opened - Instructions Issued - reg.
05-09-2016 Finance (ARC) 46/2016/Fin dated 19-05-2016 Pay Revision 2014: Payment of salary arrears - Detailed instructions/guidelines - Issued
03-09-2016 IT (B) Department G.O (MS) No. 23/2016/ITD dated 16-07-2016 Guideleines for installation of Mobile Towers - Inclusion of clearance for installation of Diesel Generator in the guidelines
03-09-2016 IT (B) Department G.O (Ms) No.24/2016/ITD dated 16-07-2016 Cancellation of Permissive sanction for installing Telecommunication towers in Government land and buildings - Orders issued
03-09-2016 Taxes (E) Department E2/281/2016/Taxes dated 10-08-2016 Taxes Department - Registration- Valuation certificate of flat/apartment to be issued by the competent authority- Proforma - Instructions - Reg.
01-09-2016 Cultural Affairs (A) Department G.O (Rt) No. 284/2016 /CLAD dated 23-08-2016 Centenary Celebrations of Sree Narayana Guru's "Nammukku Jaathiyilla (I do not have Caste)" Declaration
12-08-2016 General Administration (Political) Department 222/Pol.5/2016/GAD dated 30-07-2016 National Day Celebrations: Independence Day Celebrations 2016 - Adherance to Guidelines-Reg.
10-08-2016  PWD (B) G.O (MS) No.55/2016 /PWD dated 22-07-2016 Norms and Guidelines for Transfer of Employees in PWD: Modified Orders issued
09-08-2016  PWD (A) G.O (Rt) No. 1143/2016 /PWD dated 05-08-2016 Continuance Sanction Accorded for 106 posts in KSTP with effect from 01-04-2016 for one year
08-08-2016  PWD (A) G.O (Rt) No. 1145/2016 /PWD dated 05-08-2016 Continuance Sanction Accorded for 471 posts in PWD with effect from 01-04-2016 for six months
 05-08-2016  PWD (E) 2715/E3/2016/PWD dated 01-06-2016  Advance possession of buildings taken on rent - Instrcutions issued
 05-08-2016  PWD (D) 11829/D1/2012/PWD dated 11-07-2016  Allowing contractors to work beyond the period of agreement irregularly without getting prior approval of the competent authority and without executing supplementary agreement: Strict Instructions issued
16-07-2016 Finance (Inspection Wing) - Technical (CTE) Insp.Tech2/150/2015-Fin dated 14-06-2016 Submission of reports to the Chief Technical Examiner: Instructions issued - Compliance report
23-06-2016 PWD (B) G.O(Ms)No.42/2016/PWD dated 21-06-2016 Norms and Guideleines for Transfer of Employees in PWD fixed (Modified Orders)
21-06-2016 PSC RE IV(2) 1711/2011-2 dated 20-06-2016 Service Verification of I Grade Overseers (Electrical) and Engineering Assistants at PSC Regional Office Kochi
09-06-2016 Ayush (A) Department A1/181/2016/AYUSH dated 07-06-2016 Celebration of International Yoga Day 2016
09-06-2016 General Administration (Co-ordination) Department 427990/Cdn.5/2016 dated 20-05-2016 General Administration: RTI Act Case Register - Uploading in official Domain - reg.
09-06-2016 PWD (B) G.O (P) No. 21/2016/PWD dated 18-05-2016 Special Rules for the Kerala Architectural Wing State Service in the Kerala State Public Works Department
28-05-2016 GoI(UIDAI) D.O No.K-11011/16/2012-UIDAI AADHAAR Seeding: Collection of AADHAAR number from residents for seeding in Service domain databases
28-05-2016 PWD (B) G.O (Rt) No.871/ 2016/PWD dated 10-05-2016 Good Service Entry awarded to Dr. Cini A, Assistant Executive Engineer, Bridges Sub Division, Kollam
28-05-2016 PWD (A) PWD-A3/14/16-PWD dated 28-05-2016 Reporting of all vacancies to PSC: Direction issued
23-05-2016 PWD (C) C3/13/2016/PWD dated 23-05-2016 The Aadhaar (Targetted Delivery of Financial and other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act 2016
23-05-2016 GoI (UIDAI) 13012/20/2012/Legal-UIDAI dated 29-01-2016 Prohibition of display of Aadhaar number of residents in public domain
09-05-2016 Finance              (Nodal - C) 26/2016/Fin dated 22-03-2016 Projects under Asset Development Fund - Entering details in register
28-04-2016 GoI (Shipping) PD-11021/5/2014 dated 07-04-2016 Deputation to the post of Chief Engineer & Administrator in Andaman, Lakshadeep Harbour Works (ALHW) - Applications invited
23-04-2016 PWD(B) G.O (Rt) No.813/2016/PWD dated 21-04-2016 Good Service Entry awarded to Five Engineers for their commendable service for the speedy implementation of PRICE software in R&B wing of PWD
23-04-2016 GAD 69503/Cdn.5/2015/GAD dated 30-03-2016 Format for giving information to the applicants under RTI act - issue of guidelines
23-04-2016 PWD(C) Ltr No: 5046/C3/2016/PWD dated 22.03/2016 Hand Book on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2013: Reg
07-04-2016 PWD(B) G.O (Rt) No.738/2016/PWD dated 01-04-2016 Incentive Awarded to Shri. Sanalkumar P D,Head Clerk, Buildings Sub Division, Cherthala for his Outstanding Contributions in Development of Accounts Utility, PF TAP Softwares
08-03-2016 PWD(A) 3173/A1/2016/PWD dated 02-02-2016 Appointment of a full time Project Director in KSTP - Willingness called for
18-02-2016 PWD(B) 3103/B1/2015/PWD dated 08-02-2016 Revision of Salary of Daily Wage Staff: Details called for
03-02-2016 IMG 3297/A1/2010/IMG dated 21-01-2016 Deputation to the Post of Assistant Engineer (Civil) in IMG - Applications called for
03-02-2016 GoI (NE Development) NEC/ADM/20/2003 dated 22-12-2015 Deputation to the Post of Executive Engineer (Civil) in the North Eastern Council Secreteriat - Applications called for
25-01-2016 Home E1/1970/KPHCC/2014 /ADMIN dated 19-01-2016 Deputation to the Post of Chief Engineer in Kerala Police Housing & Construction Corporation Ltd
23-01-2016 GAD 77216/C.D.N.2/2015/GAD dated 30-12-2015 Martyr's Day 2016: Observance of 2 minutes silence at all Government Offices to pay homage to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives in India's freedom struggles
23-01-2016 GAD 77078/Pol.5/2015/GAD dated 10-01-2016 Republic Day Celebrations in Government Offices: Adherance to Guidelines - Reg.
20-01-2016 GAD 73982/Cdn.4/2015/GAD Administering national voters day pledge in all Govt Departments on 25/01/2016
08-01-2016 PWD(D) 16749/D3/2015 dated 22-12-2015 Expenditure relating to inaugural functions of works - Instructions issued
08-01-2016 IT 8744/A4/2013/IMG dated 18-12-2015 Kerala State e-Governance Award 2014 & 2015: Entries invited
05-01-2016 PWD(E) 29874/E2/2015/PWD dated 22-12-2015 Acceptance of Tender: Modified procedure issued by the Finance Department  (Clarification)
08-12-2015 GAD 57887/Cdn.4/2015/GAD Observance of Energy Conservation day
08-12-2015 GAD 69380/Cdn.4/2015/GAD Observance of Human Rights Day on 10/12/2015
02-12-2015 PWD(G) 23508/G1/2014/PWD dated 26-11-2015 Ensuring proper investigation while preparing estimates for execution of works - Guidelines to be followed by all field officers
17-11-2015 PWD(F) 2481/F1/08/PWD Dated 27-01-2011 Show Cause Notice to Sri.Sam David, Assistant Engineer
16-10-2015 PWD (C) 20812/C2/2015/PWD dated 06-10-2015 Right of Way: Instructions regarding road cutting permission and restoration of roads.
03-10-2015 PWD (H) G.O (Rt) No. 1346/2015/ PWD dated 11-09-2015

PWD Laboratory Manual Published

(Download Lab Manual)

03-10-2015 PWD (H) G.O (Rt) No. 1339/2015/ PWD dated 10-09-2015

PWD Quality Control Manual Published (Download Quality Control Manual)Updated


01-10-2015 PWD (A) G.O (Rt) No. 1398/2015/ PWD dated 23-09-2015 Implementation of "PRICE" software in PWD and Other Engineering Departments: Good Service Entry awarded to Officials in PWD.
15-09-2015 PWD (H) 18629/H3/2015/PWD dated 08-09-2015 PWD Manual Clause 2015: Instructions to enhance Transperency in procedures for inviting limited tenders
15-09-2015 PWD (E) 10804/E2/2015/PWD dated 09-09-2015 Oral instructions enforced by Officers in PWD: Confirmation in written form - Instructions issued
25-08-2015 PWD (C) 19802/C2/2015/PWD dated 25-08-2015 Right of Way Permission for installing OFC cables in PWD Roads - Instructions modified
12-08-2015 PWD (C) 19802/C2/2015/PWD dated 06-08-2015 Cancellation of "Right of Way" Permission for installation of OFC Cables with our approval from IT Department: Strict instructions issued
28-7-2015 PWD (H) G.O (MS) No. 65/2015/ PWD dated 24-07-2015 Modification and adding new clause in the PWD manual - Specialised works and Turnkey projects - Proposals accepted
22-7-2015 PWD (H) 8897/H3/2015/PWD dated 15-07-2015 Strict guidelines issued on rules to be follwed while engaging empanelled consultants
22-7-2015 PWD (G) 29050/G1/2014/PWD dated 15-07-2015 Ensuring of hindrance free land before tendering work - Guidelines to be followed by all field officers for awarding works
02-7-2015 PWD (H) 16240/H1/2015/PWD dated 27-06-2015 Cutting of Road Side Trees by the sides of PWD Roads posing danger to passengers and pedestrians - Directions issued
1-7-2015 P&ARD 515/c2/2015/p&ARD Dated 23-3-2015 Prohibition of use of alcohol, drug items, smoking etc during office hours_Instructio
17-06-2015 PWD (C) G.O (Rt) No. 638/2015/PWD dated 12-05-2015 Chief Minister's Mass Contact Programme 2015 - Appointment of Deputy Chief Engineers as Nodal Officers
17-06-2015 General Administration (Co-ordination) 25297/Cdn.5/2015/GAD dated 19-05-2015 Annual Report of the State Information Commission for the year 2013-14 - furnishing of details by the Heads of Departments - Instructions Issued
16-06-2015 PWD (A) 9727/A1/15/PWD dated 02-06-2015 Submission of Leave application in respect of Head of the Departments to Government - Instructions isued
16-06-2015 General Administration (Co-ordination) 32792/Cdn.4/2015/GAD dated 02-06-2015 Celebration of International Day of Yoga within the state on 21th June 2015 - Instructions issued
16-06-2015 General Administration (Co-ordination) 30735/Cdn.4/2015/GAD dated 14-05-2015 Request for contributing one day salary of all Government Employees and Teachers to the Government's Nepal Relief Fund
08-04-2015 Environmental (A) 3568/A3/12/Envt dated 12-03-2014 Mining of Ordinary Earth, Brick Earth - Integration of environmental safeguards - orders issued
28-03-2015 PWD (A) 7985/A2/2015/PWD dated 30-03-2015 Maintenance and Operation of Public ferries handed over to LSGD - Orders Stayed
28-03-2015 PWD (C) 24305/C3/2014/PWD dated 26-03-2015 Guidelines issued for streamlining the Execution of Buildings works in PWD
02-03-2015 PWD (C) 1766/C3/2015/PWD dated 24-02-2015 Demolition of compound walls for road development works - Instructions issued
19-02-2015 PWD (H) 3582/H3/2015/PWD dated 19-02-2015 Bill Discounting (I Owe You Scheme) for clearance of pending bills of contractors: Guidelines Issued
04-02-2015 University of Kerala AdIII.1-30254/2014 dated 22-01-2015 Application invited to the post of Instrumentation Engineer (Deputation basis) in University Service and Instrumentation Centre, University of Kerala
20-01-2015 GAD GO(P) No.22/2015/GAD Dated 19-1-2015 Strike by a section of Employees-Measures for dealing with
13-01-2015 Finance 107/2014/Fin dated 18-12-2014 Medical Reinbursement: Verification of essentiality certificate by competent authority - specification of admissible amounts - Instruction to Head of Department
27-12-2014 Parliamentary Affairs 2112/B2/2012/PAD dated 25-11-2014 Ensuring the participation of M.P in Public functions
24-12-2014 PWD (C) 34249/C3/2014/PWD dated 23-12-2014 PWD Minister's State Level Review meeting of  works (Agenda)
24-12-2014 Kerala State IT Mission DDFS/Admin/517/ 2014 - KSITM/9532 datedm 06-12-2014 e-Tendering: Purchase of Digital Signature Certificate for PWD staff - Empanelment & Application Procedure
15-12-2014 Kerala State IT Mission e-Tendering Project (GePNIC):Online Feedback Form All Tender Inviting Officers/Users are requested to send the Online Feedback form before 16-12-2014
06-12-2014 PWD (E) 28387/E2/2014/PWD dated 02-12-2014 Time Limit fixed for sending Tender Approval Proposals to Government
29-11-2014 Finance (Ind & PW.B) Department 96/2014/Fin dated 31-10-2014 Guidelines for Submission of Local Market Rate (LMR) Justification - Modification
23-09-2014 GAD (Special C) 58970/Spl.C2/2014/GAD dated 29-08-2014 Instructions regarding official Foreign Trips of AIS Officers
23-09-2014 PWD (C) 10434/C3/2014/PWD dated 04-09-2014 Insisting Quality Control Test certificates for payment - Revised Circular
23-09-2014 ഉദ്യോഗസ്ഥ à´­à´°à´£ പരിഷ്കരണ വകുപ്പ് സര്‍ക്കുലര്‍ നമ്പര്‍ 20120 / à´Ž.ആര്‍14(2)/14/ à´‰.à´­.à´ª.à´µ à´¤àµ€à´¯à´¤à´¿: 17.09.2014 ഫയല്‍ തീര്‍പ്പാക്കല്‍ തീവ്രയജ്ഞ പരിപാടി: 2014 സെപ്റ്റംബര്‍ 22 മുതല്‍ ഒക്ടോബര്‍ 31 വരെ ഫയല്‍ തീര്‍പ്പാക്കല്‍ അദാലത്ത്
30-08-2014 Finance (Establishment-C) 70/ESTA-C3/ 14/fin dated 24-07-2014 സര്‍ക്കാര്‍ ജീവനക്കാരുടെ പ്രതിമാസ ശമ്പളത്തില്‍ നിന്നും നിശ്ചിത തുക ആദായ നികുതി ഇനത്തില്‍ കുറവ് ചെയ്യുന്നത് സംബന്ധിച്ച്
30-08-2014 Finanace (Streamlining )
79/2014/Fin dated 28-08-2014 Bringing Establishment claims of cheque drawing departments under bill system of treasuries - Further directions issued
23-08-2014 PSC ASS II (1) 3754-11 dated 06-08-2014 Kerala PSC Service Verification for all appointments on or  after 14-12-2010: Instruction issued
19-07-2014 PWD(C) 10837/C3/2014/PWD dated 16-06-2014 കേരള സംസ്ഥാന സേവനാവകാശ നിയമം നടപ്പിലാക്കുന്നത് സംബന്ധിച്ചു
19-07-2014 PWD(A) 17328/A1/14/PWD dated 02-07-2014 Leaving Headquarters without the permission of superior officers - Instructions issued
19-07-2014 PWD(C) 9213/C1/2014/PWD dated 16-06-2014 Submission of Proposals for fund towards LAR cases in respect to PWD Project - Instructions issued
19-07-2014 PWD(F) 9191/F1/14/PWD dated 09-05-2014 Journey to places outside the state - Prior sanction from Government - Instructions issued.
13-06-2014 PWD(C) 19951/C1/2013/PWD dated 06-06-2014 Re-appropriation of KSTP, CRF, NABARD, TRAP, TPP for regularisation of excess expenditure: Strict Instructions issued
28-05-2014 PWD(F) 11306/F3/2014/PWD dated 05-05-2014 Submission of written statement of defence by the accused officers involved in various disciplinary action cases - Instructions
22-05-2014 PWD(C) 5496/C3/2014/PWD dated 20-05-2014 കെട്ടികിടക്കുന്ന ഫയലുകള്‍ സമയബന്ധിതമായി തീര്‍പ്പാക്കുന്നത് സംബന്ധിച്ച്
17-05-2014 PWD(C) 10434/C3/2014/PWD dated 08-05-2014 Insisting Quality Control tests Certificate for payment - Strict Instructions issued
17-05-2014 PWD(C) 468/C2/2014/PWD dated 28-04-2014 വകുപ്പ്തല വാഹനങ്ങള്‍ കണ്ടം ചെയ്യുന്നത് സംബന്ധിച്ച് മാര്‍ഗ്ഗനിര്‍ദ്ദേശങ്ങള്‍ പുറപ്പെടുവിച്ചു
15-05-2014 Chief Technical Examiner 26447/FIW-C2/14/Fin dated 21-04-2014 Submission of reports to CTE - Important Circular from the Chief Technical Examiner
15-05-2014 PWD(H) 12292/H3/2010/PWD dated 29-04-2014 Exorbitant rate for road marking using Thermoplastic reflexive paint - Drain of exchequer due to non revision of rate consequent to reduction of price in the market - Instructions/guidelines - reg.
05-05-2014 PWD(C) 11033/C3/2014/PWD dated 30-04-2014 Submission of proposal for Administarive sanction under Asset Development Fund - Instructions issued
05-05-2014 PWD(E) 9817/E1/2014/PWD dated 29-04-2014 Permission to proceed with tender and post tender activities for the works of PWD - Instructions issued
22-04-2014 PWD(C) 10434/C3/2014/2014 dated 21-04-2014 PWD Minister's state level review meeting at CMFRI Hall Kochi on 02-05-2014
07-04-2014 PWD(H) 30507/H3/2013/PWD dated 22-01-2014 Procedure for approval of renewal programme for roads
31-03-2014 PWD(C) Circular no. 8880/C3/2014/PWD dated 29-03-2014 Avoiding the tendency of keeping money unnecessarily in the cash chest -issuing directions -reg
14-03-2014 PWD(E) Circular No.8540/E1/2014/PWD dated 20-03-2014 Cancellation of all tenders/bids floated after 04-03-2014 - Instructions issued.
16-03-2014 Chief Technical Examiner Circular No. 06/2014/Fin dated 04-02-2014 Earth work and other level proposals using electronic levelling instruments -  Irregularities noticed in maintaining level field book - Revised Circular
10-03-2014 IT (B) Department Minutes of e-Tendering review meeting dated 03-03-2014
  1. Procedure to be followed by Tender Inviting Officers for EMD refund
  2. Tr.65 Form
  3. Format of Proceedings to be issued by Tender Inviting officer
  4. Tr.65 Sample Form (filled)
  5. Procedure for finding the Treasury Sequence No. & date from the online reports
10-02-2014 PWD(G) Circular No. 2923/G3/2014/ PWD dated 03-02-2014 Technical Sanction Committee: Guidelines for forwarding proposals and allied matter
24-01-2014 PWD(A) 2273/A2/2014/PWD dated 21-01-2014 Implementation of National Pension System: Details called for
08-01-2014 PWD(A) G.O (Rt) No. 12/2014/ PWD dated 03-01-2014 Good Service Entry awarded to Shri. Rajendra Babu C K, Executive Engineer, Roads Division, Thiruvananthapuram
01-01-2014 PWD(C) G.O (MS) no. 2/2014/PWD No. 02-01-2014 Cancellation of Permission to M/s Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd to lay optical fibre cable along various road networks within the state as part of 4G
01-01-2014 PWD(A) Letter No. 27759/A1/13/ PWD dated 23-12-2013 Sparing of vehicles to Quality Control Laboratories - Directions  to all Executive Engineers of Roads & Buildings Division
30-12-2013 PWD(G) Circular No. 29797/G2/2011/PWD dated 3-12-2013 Proposals for the acquisition of land for the development / formation of roads/ bridges to be placed before the High Level Committee
27-12-2013 Finance (IT-SF) 90/13/Fin dated 03-12-2013 Implementation of New Pension Scheme - Updation of all entries in respect of new entrants to Government Service -reg.
26-12-2013 PWD(C) 25508/C3/2013/PWD dated 09-12-2013 Removal of construction debris found underneath bridges - Instructions issued
26-12-2013 PWD(C) 19660/C3/13/PWD dated 07-11-2013 Media reports regarding poor condition of roads - Timely action and furnishing reply -reg
24-12-2013 Store Purchase (B) 2508/B2/2013/SPD dated 28-10-2013 Acceptance of Single bid - Guidelines issued
29-11-2013 PWD(C) 28283/C2/2013/PWD dated 26-11-2013
Transparency in engaging empaneled consultants - Instructions issued
29-11-2013 PWD(G) 23631/G2/2013/PWD dated 01-11-2013 Irregularities noticed in the execution of road works - Guidelines to be followed
29-11-2013 Finance (NC) Department 80/2013/Fin dated 19-10-2013 LAC-ADS- Monitoring & Implementation of works under the scheme: Report called for
08-11-2013 PWD Letter No. 1374/SPSII/13 dated 5-11-2013 PWD Minister's State level review meeting on 28-11-2013
30-09-2013 PWD (E) Letter No. 16324/E2/2013/PWD dated 26-08-2013 Acceptance of Tender by Government Tender Committee - Instructions issued
26-09-2013 PWD (G) 22077/G3/2013/PWD dated 07-09-2013 Importants Guidelienes for Execution of PWD Projects -reg
26-09-2013 PWD (G) 16781/G3/2013/PWD dated 31-07-2013 Proposals for Administrative Sanction & Special Sanction - Guidelines to be followed by the Executive Engineers in LA cases
15-07-2013 PWD (D) 7117/D1/2013/PWD dated 21-0-2013 Proposals for Administrative Sanction and Special Sanction - Providing necessary details - Directions issued -reg
22-06-2013 PWD (C) Letter No. 10984/C3/13/ PWD dated 31-05-2013 Instituting awards to Departments for the Effective Plan Implementation
22-06-2013 Information Technology Circular No. 1328/B1/2008/ ITD dated 17-01-2013 Acceptance of digitally signed certificates - Provisions of IT Act reiterated -reg
22-06-2013 PWD (H) Circular No. 8602/H1/2013/PWD dated 03-06-2013 ദേശീയപാത വികസനത്തിന്‌ സ്ഥലം ഏറ്റെടുക്കുന്നത് സംബന്ധിച്ച യോഗങ്ങളില്‍ ബന്ധപ്പെട്ട à´Žà´‚.എല്‍.à´Ž മാരെ പങ്കെടുപ്പിക്കുന്നത് - സംബന്ധിച്ച്
06-06-2013 PWD (C) 7067/C1/2013/PWD dated 24-05-2013 Deposit Works : Ensuring sufficient deposit prior to start of work -  Instructions issued
30-05-2013 Principal Accountant General (A&E), Kerala Letter No.PM/2/6-44/13-14/24923/79 dated 16-04-2013 Expeditous settlement of pension claims - Delay in submission of pension papaers - Guideleines issued - reg.
30-05-2013 വ്യവസായിക പരിശീലന വകുപ്പ് G1/4655/13 dated 13-05-2013 അഖിലേന്ത്യാ ട്രേഡ് ടെസ്റ്റ്‌  2013: പ്രാക്ടിക്കല്‍ എക്സാമിനേര്‍സിന്‍റെ പാനല്‍ രൂപീകരിക്കുന്നതിനായി നിശ്ചിത യോഗ്യതയുള്ള ഉദ്യോഗസ്ഥരില്‍ നിന്നും അപേക്ഷകള്‍ ക്ഷണിക്കുന്നു.                    വളരെ അടിയന്തിരം
24-05-2013 PWD (C) Circular No. 23812/C1/12/PWD dated 04-01-2013 Deposit Works : Ensuring sufficient deposit prior to start of work -  Instructions issued
18-05-2013 PWD (C) Circular No. 11675/C1/13/PWD dated 14-05-2013 Deposit Works: Remittance of Centage Charge - Instructions issued.
18-05-2013 PWD (F) Circular No. 25298/F2/10/PWD dated 16-03-2013 Ensuring Transparency in works Executed by PWD
14-05-2013 PWD Letter dated 13-05-2013 from Special Private Secretary to Minister PWD Minister's state level review meeting on 27-05-2013
02-05-2013 PWD(H) Circular no. 24935/H1/2004/ PWD dated 23-04-2013 Prevention of Highway encroachments and protection of Right of Way - Instructions issued
22-03-2013 PWD(C) Letter No. 7722/C3/2013/ PWD dated 21-03-2013 Minister's review meeting on items relating to PWD in the Budget announcement for 2013-14
02-03-2013 PWD(H) Letter No. 3140/H3/ 2013 / PWD dated 01-03-2013 Curtailment of Technical Sanction Powers of Chief Engineer - Order to be kept in abeyance 31-03-2012
09-01-2013 PWD(F) 7604/F3/07/PWD dated 07-11-2012 Termination of Tendered works: Maintenance of Register on terminated works and action on risk and cost liability - Instructions
26-11-2012 PWD(C) Circular No. 29412/C3/2012/PWD dated 15-12-2012 New Plan Projects involving Budgetary Outlay over Rs. 5 Crores - Forwarding to Chief Economic Advisor, Planning Board
22-11-2012 Finance Circular no. 63/12/Fin dated 17-10-2012 Amount pending for re-inbursement from Government of India under various Central Assistance Schemes - Instruction issued
14-11-2012 Finance (CTE) Circular No. 64/FIW-C3/ Fin dated 20-10-2012 Earthwork and other level proposals using electronic levelling instrument, computerised field book and related Documents - Urgent Attention
1-11-2012 ഉദ്യോഗസ്ഥ à´­à´°à´£ പരിഷ്കരണ വകുപ്പ് സര്‍ക്കുലര്‍ നമ്പര്‍ 17199 /à´”.à´­à´¾4/ 12/ ഉഭപവ à´¤àµ€à´¯à´¤à´¿: 22.09.2012 2012 ലെ മലയാള ദിനാഘോഷവും ഭരണഭാഷാ വരാഘോഷവും 2012 നവംബര്‍ 1 മുതല്‍ ഒരു വര്‍ഷക്കാലം ഭരണഭാഷാ വര്‍ഷമായി ആചരിക്കലും
29-10-2012 PWD(C) Circular No. 21015/C3/ 12 /PWD dated 25-10-2012 PWD MInister's review meting on 05-11-2012
09-10-2012 Home (G) Circular No. 38350/G3/12/Home dated 20-09-2012 Judgement of Supreme Court on use of coated films on Window shield - Compliance of Orders
09-10-2012 PWD(B) Circular No.13239/B1/11/PWD dated 05-10-2012 Engagement of Casual Labours in PWD - Instructions issued
09-10-2012 PWD(D) Circular No. 24208/D1/2012 dated 04-10-2012 Entrusting Maintenance of 11 ROBs constructed by RBDCK to the concerned NH & R&B divisions of PWD - Compliance of Orders.
06-10-2012 Finance(Exp) Circular No.57/2012/Fin dated 03-10-2012 T A claims of Gazetted Officers- strict instructions issued
06-10-2012 Finance-ITSF Circular No.78001/IT-SF/2012/Fin dated 19-09-2012

SPARK - Entitlement authorisation of Non-gazetted employees

06-10-2012 PWD(C) Circular No.17390/C3/2012/PWD dated 01-10-2012 Leglislative Assembly Constituency Asset Development Fund (LAC-ADF)- Guidelines for implementation of the Scheme in PWD
05-10-2012 PWD(C) Circular No. 21579/C3/12/PWD dated 26-09-2012 Giving due recognition to People's Representatives of Local Self Government Institutions in PWD fuctions
17-09-2012 Social Welfare Circular No. 6839/D1/12/SWD dated 13-08-2012 Guidelines for the regularisation of Physically Handicapped who worked temporarily through Employment Exchange during the period from 15-08-1998 to 15-08-1999: Clarifications
15-09-2012 Finance Circular No.50/2012/Fin dated 4-08-2012 and Eligibility Lists HBA Combined Statewise Seniority list and Combined State Eligibility List Published
15-09-2012 Finance Circular No.49/2012/Fin dated 4-08-2012 Family pension for life to disabled sons/daughters of Government servants /pensioners-Issuance of Medical certificate -Instructions issued
05-09-2012 PWD(B) Letter No.6532/B2/2011/PWD dated 18-08-2012 Order in TA No.2336 of 2012 and OA No.597 of 2012-Personal hearing Postponed
14-08-2012 PWD(B) Letter No.6532/B2/2012/PWD Order in TA No.2336 of 2012 and OA No.597 of 2012-Personal hearing on16-8-12,18-8-12,21-8-12, and on 5-9-2012 (11am and 3pm)
07-08-2012 PWD Circular No. 15351/C3/12/PWD dated 27-07-2012 Execution of PWD Works - Directions to implementing Officers
04-08-2012 PWD Circular No.16846/E2/2012/PWD dated 1-08-2012 Submission of Tenders to Tender Committee for approval - Important Direction
27-07-2012 PWD Circular No.13239/B1/11/PWD dated 12-07-2012 Engagement of Casual Labourers in Public Works Department - Instructions Issued.
13-07-2012 PWD Circular No.18148/C3/ 12 /PWD dated 12-07-2012 Utilization of MLA fund through PWD-Guidelines
13-07-2012 GAD Circular No.48211/Cdn.4/2012/GAD Non-complaiance of Judgement-Observation of Hon'bel High Court
12-07-2012 PWD Circular No.15150/C3/ 12 /PWD dated 16-06-2012 Acquisition of Land-afresh proposal-Instructions
03-07-2012 PWD Circular No.10075/H2/ 12 /PWD dated 21-06-2012 Changes in tender conditions for tenders for collection of toll in bridges.
18-06-2012 Chief Secretary Circular No.31/12/Fin dated 2-06-2012 Annual Plan 2012-13: Incurring of Plan Expenditure - Avoidance of Bunching of Expenditure
08-06-2012 Chief Secretary Circular dated 08-05-2012 Providing timely service to the Citizen
08-06-2012 Finance Notification No.6214/Admn.A6/12/Fin dated 2-06-2012 Deputation to the Office of Chief Technical Examiner (CTE)
20-04-2012 PWD Circular No.9974/G3/2012/PWD dated 18-04-2012 Guidelines for submission of proposals for Administrative/Special Sanction
12-04-2012 PWD Circular No.26440/H3/2011/PWD dated 27-03-2012 Procedures/Guidelines for submission, acceptance & Award of tenders in respect of various civil works
12-04-2012 Finance Circular No.16/2012/Fin dated 26-03-2012 Budget documents 2012-13: Distribution to the Heads of Departments
31-03-2012 GAD Circular No.21439/SS1/2012/GAD dated 23-03-2012 Dies-Non on 28-02-2012 - Sanctioning of casual leave and recouping of excess pay drawn
PWD Circular No. 28609/H3/2010/PWD dated 15-02-2012 Implementation of e-payment in PWD from 15-03-201: Instructions issued
PWD Circular No. 27139/H3/11/PWD dated 23-12-2011 Publication of Tender Documents in PWD Website from all tendering Offices  - Directions Issued.
28-12-2011 General Administration Circular  No.80460/Cdn.2/2011/GAD dated 14-12-2011 Chief Minister's Call Centre: Redressal of Grievance forwarded to PWD Offices
22-11-2011 Finance Circular No. 6214/Admin.A6/2011/Fin dated 8-11-2011 Deputation to Finace (Inspection & Technical Wing) Department (CTE)
23-10-2011 General Administration Circular No.61039/Pol/2011  Foreign Visits: Submission of request for clearances from Government of India - Time limit
15-10-2011 PWD Circular No. 22680/H3/2011/PWD dated 11-10-2011

Approval of Tender Excess - Action for revising the estimates of works based on SOR 2009 and SOR 2010 to revised SOR 2010

04-07-2011 PWD Circular No. 11050/C3/11/PWD dated 04-07-2011  100 Days Programme of Government - Publication of Price Bid Results in PWD Website  
30-06-2011 PWD Circular No. 9661/AR-14(2)/2011/P&ARD dated 30-06-2011 100 Days Programme of Government - Observance of "Intensive File Disposal Period
20-06-2011 PWD Circular No. 315/SC2/2011/GA/(SC) dated 20-06-2011  100 Days Programme of Government - Format for Declaration of Assets by Heads of Department 
10-5-2011 PWD Circular No.9312/C3/11/PWD dated 10-05-2011 Nomination of I.T Nodal Officers from all PWD offices

 (Old Circulars......)