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26/11/2015 CE(Roads)

L A Questions (2 Nos 2 Pages)



Urgent_To all Executive Engineers_Pls provide reply
21/11/2015 CE(Admin)

1/CE/R&B/Admin/IT/AMC/2014-15 dated 21-11-2015

(AMC Contact Nos)

(List of Machines included in AMC )

Urgent Circular to all Office Heads: Repair of Computers and Printers included in AMC before 30-11-2015
EB4/2400/2015 Dated 13/11/2015
Provisional promotion of 2nd Crade Overseer as I't Crade D'man - list of2'd Grade Overseer likely to be promoted
19/11/2015 CE(Admin) EA1/21553/2015 dated 18-11-2015 II Meeting of Departmental Cordination Committee on Official Language and Government Level Committee Meeting - Directions to EEs and SEs
17/11/2015 CE(Admin) EE2/17176/2015
List of CLR/HR Employees to convert as CLR
11/11/2015 CE(Admin) CE/122/HRD/2009 dated 11-11-2015 Deputation of Engineers in PWD to PG Courses (2016-17)
07/11/2015 CE(Admin) EA1/21553/2015 Dated 05/11/2015 Report on transition of Official Language( ഭരണ ഭാഷാ മാറ്റ പുരോഗതി റിപ്പോര്‍ട്ട്‌ സമര്‍പ്പിക്കുന്നത്  സംബന്ധിച്ചു )
21-10-2015 CE(Admin) O&M1/14134/2015 dated 26-09-2015 Inspection of Secretariat wing at PWD Offices: Strict Intructions issued
19-10-2015 CE(Buildings) No-CE/BL/GL/Manual /2014 dated 12-10-2015 Awareness Programme on Quality Control Manual
16-10-2015 CE(Admin) EB5/474/2010(VolI) dated 16-10-2015 Service verification of III Grade Overseers at PSC Regional Office Ernakulam
07-10-2015 CE(Admin) VG1/3238/2014 dated 26-08-2015 Show Cause Notice to Sri. Ragesh, I Grade Draftsman, CRD Project Cell
07-10-2015 CE(Admin) VG1/26415/2013 dated 08-09-2015 Show Cause Notice to Sri. Udayaprakash, LD Clerk, Buildings Sub Division, Nedumangad
03-10-2015 CE(Admin) CE/Admin/PLA/22362/2013 Implementation of guidelines in the PWD Quality Control Manual and PWD Laboratory manual
30-09-2015 CE(Admin) EB5-15588/14 dated 28-09-2015 Appointment of III Grade Overseers on Daily wage basis- reg
28-09-2015 CE(Admin) ED2-19184/2015 dated 28-09-2015 Provisional appointment of Junior Superintendents as Divisional Accountants: Preparation of Combined seniority List - Applications called for



Official inauguration of PRICE software and launching of PWD Quality Manual and Lab Manual
19-09-2015 CE(Admin) EE2 17176/15 dated 14/09/2015 Appointment of CLR/HR as SLR-Details called for
15-09-2015 DCE(Admin) DCE/Admn/PF-10/ 2015 dated 10-09-2015 Restricted entry of vehicles inside Public Office premises
11-09-2015 CE(Buildings) CE/BL/PRICE dated 10-09-2015 Logo Contest: PRICE Software
03-09-2015 CE(Admin) EB4 (A)-11480/14 dated 20-08-2015 Appointment of II Grade Overseers on Daily wage basis- reg
25-08-2015 CE(Admin) EB5/5297/2015 dated 21-08-2015 Service verification of 3rd grade Overseer at PSC Regional Office Kochi - Postponed
12-08-2015 CE(Admin) EB5/5297/2015 dated 12-08-2015 Service verification of 3rd grade Overseer at PSC Regional Office Kochi
10-08-2015 CE(Admin) FB9-8516/13 Dated 05-08-2015 Govt Quarters-Instruction regarding payment of Additional cash security
07-08-2015 CE(Admin) EE1/22353/2012 Vol II dated 06-08-2015 Details of Typists called for -reg
04-08-2015 CE(Admin) ED1/7133/08/Vol.3 dated 04-08-2015 Relieving of PWD staff reverted back from LSGD -reg
29-07-2015 CE(Admin) CE/Admn/PLA/1014/ 2005 dated 16-07-2015 General Instruction regarding the procurement of reinforcing steel bars for Grade Fe500/Fe500D and Fe500 (With corrosion resistant elements)
21-07-2015 CE(Admin) ED1/12568/2015 dated 21-07-2015 Updation of OA No.2217/2014: Details called for Very Urgent
14-07-2015 MD (RICK) Invitation of Proposals MD (RICK) invites EOI for Selection of Independent Engineer for rehabilitation packages of
State Road Improvement Project (SRIP)
14-07-2015 CE(Admin) EB5/6474/20101 VolII dated 13/07/2015 Service verification of 3rd grade Overseer
06-07-2015 CE(Admin) CE/HRD/GEN/2012 dated 03-07-2015 Switching over to the new Gazetted Entitlements Software GEMS - Office Addresses called for
25-03-2015 CE(Admin)

Notice & AMC Contact Nos


List of Computers & Printers included in AMC

AMC of HCL Computers and Toshiba e-studio multi-function printers for the period from 1-12-2014 to 30-11-2015 supplied to Sub Divisions, Divisions, Circles & CE Offices