Chief Engineer's Orders,Circulars & Letters


Date Wing Order/Circular No Details
29-07-2015 CE(Admin) CE/Admn/PLA/1014/ 2005 dated 16-07-2015 General Instruction regarding the procurement of reinforcing steel bars for Grade Fe500/Fe500D and Fe500 (With corrosion resistant elements)
21-07-2015 CE(Admin) ED1/12568/2015 dated 21-07-2015 Updation of OA No.2217/2014: Details called for Very Urgent
14-07-2015 MD (RICK) Invitation of Proposals MD (RICK) invites EOI for Selection of Independent Engineer for rehabilitation packages of
State Road Improvement Project (SRIP)
14-07-2015 CE(Admin) EB5/6474/20101 VolII dated 13/07/2015 Service verification of 3rd grade Overseer
06-07-2015 CE(Admin) CE/HRD/GEN/2012 dated 03-07-2015 Switching over to the new Gazetted Entitlements Software GEMS - Office Addresses called for