Chief Engineer's Orders,Circulars &  Letters


Date Wing Order/Circular No Details
18-04-2018 CE (Admin) ED1/7133/2018/Vol III dated 17-04-2018 Temporary deployment of ministerial staff to LSGD: General Guidelines issued
17-04-2018 CE (Admin) EB6/2144/2017 dated 05-04-2018 Third Grade Overseers permanently deployed to LSGD: Details called for
11-04-2018 Vigilance Vig.4/555/2017 dated 19-03-2018 PWD Internal vigilance System: Clarification
11-04-2018 Vigilance Vig.2/29634/17 dated 24-03-2018 PWD Vigilance: Recording Measurements of Pot Hole filling in Measurement Book 
10-04-2018 CE (Admin) CE/R&B/GL/Circular/1/2018 dated 04-04-2018 Submission of estimates through PRICE - Guidelines (Reminder)
09-04-2018 CE (R&B) CE/R&B/PRICE/6728 dated 04-04-2018 Rates for Bituminuos Items for I Half (April-September) of 2018-19 Financial Year
12-03-2018 CE (Admin) 1/CE/Admin/D&A/GIS/Asset Management/2013 dated 09-03-2018 Urgent Circular: GIS based Asset Information System and Map Updation 
09-03-2018 CE (Admin) Endt No. 15972/EB3/2013(b) dated 09-03-2018 Most Urgent: Service verification of Assistant Engineers at PSC Regional Office at 19-03-2018
06-03-2018 CE (Admin) O&M1/18394/2016 dated 01-03-2018 Kerala Last Grade Servive: By transfer appointment to other similar posts - Guidelines issued
23-02-2018 CE (Admin) ED1/248/2018/General dated 16-02-2018 Reporting of Vacancies in Clerk Cadre: Strict instructions issued
15-02-2018 CE (Admin) O&M/18394/2016 dated 02-02-2018 Implementation of Biometric Attendance System (BMAS) in PWD Offices in Public Office Complex: Guidelines issued
06-02-2018 CE (Admin) CE/Admin/PLA/1014/2015 dated 06-02-2018 Approval of extra items: Guidelines issued
30-01-2018 CE (Admin) O&M1/18394/2016 dated 12-01-2018 Redressal of complaints received through Chief Minister's Complaint Cell: Strict Instructions issued
30-01-2018 CE (Admin) EB5-21959/17 dated 30-01-2017 Updating incumbency details of Third Grade Overseers: Details called for
30-01-2018 CE (NH) AB1-633/2018 dated 27-01-2018 RTI  Act: Government Policy on Zero Tolerance against Corruption: Constituting State Level Monitoring Team (NH Wing)
29-01-2018 CE (Admin) O&M1/18394/2016 dated 29-01-2018 Details of PWD Employees on leave called for
29-01-2018 CE (Admin) O&M1/176/2015/2018 dated 20-01-2018 General Transfer 2018: Applications invited
27-01-2018 CE (Admin) O&M2/1087/2018 Displaying Information about Information Officer and Appeal Authority
12-01-2018 IT Cell Enrollment Form Biometric Attendance System (BMAS) enrollment Form
12-01-2018 CE (Admin) B6/2144/2017 dated 12-01-2018 Promotion of senior most III Grade Overseers (Civil) as II Grade Overseers - List of III Grade  Overseers likely to be promoted : Details called for
11-01-2018 CE (Admin) CE/Admin/PLA/1001(A)/05/Part-III dated 05-01-2018 Permission for Hiring of vehicles on monthly rent at various NH Sub Division Offices - Reg
05-01-2018 CE (Admin) EE1/9302/2016 dated 04-01-2018 Posting of eligible typists as Confidential Assistant Grade II (By Transfer): Verification of applications -reg.
28-12-2017 CE (Admin) SC1/341/2015 dated 27-12-2017 Provisional Seniority list of Executive Engineer (Civil) for the period from 01-02-2014 to 31-03-2016: Remarks called for
28-12-2017 CE (Admin) Vig-6/725/08 dated 26-12-2017 Submission of return of Immovable and/or movable properties for 2017 - Directions issued
23-12-2017 CE (Admin) CDN4/205/2017/GAD dated 21-12-2017 Ockhi cyclone - Chief Ministers Distress Relief Fund- wages of govt employees and teachers -contribution
21-12-2017 CE (Admin) EB4-17853/2016 dated 13-12-2017 Provisional Promotion of II Grade D'man as I Grade D'man: List of II Grade D'man likely to be promoted published
21-12-2017 CE (Designs) CE/Admin/PLA/1001/05 Part III dated 16-12-2017 Hiring of vehicles on monthly rent on various Offices under Buildings, R&B, NH and Architecture Wing: Payment of rent -reg
20-12-2017 CE (Designs) NOTICE Inauguration of newly formed PWD Regional Design Office, Ernakulam
12-12-2017 CE (Admin) O&M1/18394/2016 dated 07-12-2017 PWD: Sending complaints, requests and recommendations to Government only through the Head of Departments - Stricts instructions issued
08-12-2017 CE (Admin) Vig2/4917/2015 Show cause notice to Smt G Santha.Buttler(Rtd)
04-12-2017 CE(Admin)  EC1/5128/2017 dated 28-11-2017 Vacancies in PWD Electrical wing from 01-01-2014: Details called for
01-12-2017 CE(Admin) (Endorsement) CIDC/GD/10thVKA/GC/01/2017 dated 20-11-2017 Call for Nomination - 10th CIDC Vishwakarma Awards 2018
29-11-2017 CE(Admin) Vig.4/555/2017 dated 27-11-2017 PWD Internal Vigilance System: Appointment of District Vigilance Officers - Orders issued
24-11-2017 CE(Admin)  O&M1/18394/2016 dated 28-10-2017

Implementation of Biometric Attendance System (BMAS) in PWD Offices in Public Office Complex, Thiruvananthapuram: Guidelines issued


 (BMAS Website)

(BMAS Enrollment Form)

24-11-2017 CE(Admin) Notice Induction Training: Details of Newly joined II Grade Overseers and III Grade Overseers called for
17-11-2017 CE(Admin) SC3/17162/01-Vol.2 dated 16-11-2017 Publication of seniority list of I Grade Overseer (Electrical) for the period from 14-02-2009 to 31-10-2017: Details called for
08-11-2017 CE(Admin) O&M1/18260/2017 dated 03-11-2017 Training on malayalam computing conducted by personnel and Adminisrative reforms department: Nominations invited 
04-11-2017 CE(Admin) RG (General) stationery/8464/2017 dated 02-11-2017 Stationery Department: "Introspective 2017" - Collecting complaints and suggestions from staff - reg.
30-10-2017 CE(Admin) EA2/21422/2016 dated 19-10-2017 Collection of details of Employees from backward communities working in PWD:  Nomination of Sub Nodal Officers
30-10-2017 CE(Admin) CE/122/HRD/200 dated 26-10-2017 Deputation of Engineers from PWD to PG Courses: Applications invited
24-10-2017 CE(Admin) Letter from IRC with endorsement from DCE (Admin) Reconstitution of IRC Technical Committee: Nominations invited        (Last Date: 27-10-2017)
24-10-2017 CE(Admin) EB1-12057/2017 dated 19-10-2017 Forwarding of names of officers who are interested in undertaking KIIFB works - reg.
20-10-2017 CE(Admin) EA1/5796/16/vol.II dated 16-10-2017 Malayalam Classical Language Day and Official Language Week Celebrations 2017 - reg. 
20-10-2017 CE(Admin) EA1/14411/2016 dated 16-10-2017 Official Language Malayalam - Departmental Coordination Committee meeting on 24-10-2017 - Notice
20-10-2017 CE(Admin) SC3/23766/2017 dated 13-10-2017 Preparation of seniority list of lift operators in PWD for the period up to 01-10-2017
19-10-2017 CE(Admin) EE1/9302/2016 dated 13-10-2017 Filling up vacancies of Confidential Assistant Grade II: Applications invited from eligible Typists
19-10-2017 CE(Admin) EC2/24091/17 dated 17-10-2017 Notification for filling up of one post of Chief Architect on deputation basis in New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) - reg.
16-10-2017 CE(Admin) CE/Admin/PLA/1001/05/Part3 dated 12-10-2017 Hiring of vehicles on monthly rent basis for various PWD Offices - Guidelines Issued
06-10-2017 CE(Admin) EB6/2144/2017 dated 04-10-2017 Promotion of III grade overseers as II Grade Draftsman: List of III Grade Overseers likely to be promoted published - Details called for
04-10-2017 CE(Admin) ED1-17854/2017 dated 04-10-2017 PWD: Order in O.A No.1657/2017 filed by Sri. Sunil Kalam and others, senior clerks - Personal hearing - reg
25-09-2017 CE(Admin) EA1-22310/2017 dated 20-09-2017 Official Language Malayalam: Award for the best department and district: reports called for
25-09-2017 CE(Admin) Notice Engineers Congress 2017 
23-09-2017 CE(Admin) EB3/15972/2013 Dated 22/09/2017 Service verification of Newly appointed Assistant Engineers by KPSC
20-09-2017 CE(Admin) CE/Admin/PLA/Emp/1014(a) dated 19-09-2017 Preparation of estimate through PRICE: Cost Indices to be adopted for DSR 2016 for PWD Works with effect from 01-10-2017
20-09-2017 CE(Admin) EC1-1861/2017 dated 18-09-2017 Notification for filling up post of Assistant Executive Engineer (Electrical) in Agricultural University, Thiruvananthapuram
20-09-2017 CE(Admin) EA2/10477/2017 dated 15-09-2017 Representation of ST/SC Communities in Government Service: Incumbency details called for Most Urgent
20-09-2017 CE(Admin) EB5-21959/17 dated 19-09-2017 Incumbency details of III Grade Overseers called for
19-09-2017 CE(Admin) 17239/HRD/2012 Dated 18/09/2017 One day Engineers congress on 30-09-2017_Deputation of Officers for activities related with the said function
16-09-2017 CE(Admin) G.O (Rt) No. 1557/2017/PWD dated 11-11-2017 G.O: Construction Works of Roads costing above ten crores - Road safety Audit by a third party - implemented - orders issued
14-09-2017 CE(Admin) CE/HRD/17239/13 dated 13-09-2017 PWD Engineers Congress 2017: Incumbency details of Engineers Called for
13-09-2017 IT Cell
  1. SBD for works costing below Rs. 5 Cr   (Download NIT)
  2. SBD for works costing above Rs. 5 Cr (Download NIT)
Standard Bidding Documents for e-Tendering: Editable PDF versions
25-08-2017 CE(Admin) CE/Admin/PLA/2139/17 dated 22-08-2017 Revised List of Assistant Engineers authorised for Inspection of Pre-monsoon maintenance works in various constituencies
24-08-2017 CE(Admin) CE/Admin/HRD/14810/12 dated 22-08-2017 Award for Best Engineers in PWD for the year 2016-17: Call for Nominations
23-08-2017 CE(Admin) E1/3226/2017 dated 22-08-2017 Merging of NH Quality control unit with PWD Quality Control wing: Transfer of vehicles to NH sub Divisions - Orders issued
21-08-2017 CE(Admin) EB1.447/Genl/2017/Design dated 07-08-2017 Upgradation of KHRI as an NABL accredited Testing and Lab: Posting of staff - Application invited 
19-08-2017 CE(Admin) O&M1/18394/2016 dated 17-08-2017 Unauthorized issue of tracing certificate to Blue Printers : Strict instructions issued
16-08-2017 CE(Admin) EC2-14980/2017 dated 12-07-2017 Restructuring of Electronics wing office in the Office of the Chief Engineer (Buildings): attaching the Office to Electronics Division, Thiruvananthapram - Reg.
14-08-2017 CE(Admin) CE/Admin/PLA/2139/17 dated 04-08-2017 Use of cement and steel for PWD Projects: reg
10-08-2017 CE(Admin) PWD/B3/279 dated 29-07-2017 Indian Building Congress: Award for excellence in built environment - Invitation of entries
05-08-2017 CE(Design) CE/Design/421/2016 dated 01-08-2017 Restructuring of Design and Quality Control Wing: Transferring of files, lab equipments and other belongings from NH Quality Control Wing - Reg.
05-08-2017 CE(Admin) EB4/17853/2016 dated 31-07-2017 Provisional promotion of II Grade Overseers as I grade Draftsman: Details called for
02-08-2017 CE(Admin) O&M1/18394/2016 dated 29-07-2017 Relieving of transferred employees: Strict instruction to all controlling officers
31-07-2017 CE (Buildings) CE/Bl/GL/2009 dated 28-07-2017 14th Kerala Legislative Assembly (VII Session): Buildings Wing - Obtaining the L.A questions from the Niyamasabha website, appointment of Nodal Officer and timely submission of replies to L.A interpellations - Reg
29-07-2017 CE(Admin) EB3/Gen/2016 dated 15-07-2017 Maintaining service book of Technical Gazetted officers in the Office of the Controlling Officers_Instructions
25-07-2017 CE (Admin) 1/CE/Admin/IT/e-Office/2017-18 dated 25-07-2017 Submission of Project Proposals and other correspondences from Chief Engineer to Government Secreteriat in online mode from 22-07-2017: Guidelines issued
17-07-2017 CE (Admin) Endt. No dated 14-07-2017 Graduate/Technician apprenticeship programme in PWD: Registering of Offices in National Web portal - Direction issued to Executive Engineers
17-07-2017 CE (Admin) EB6/2144/2017 dated 15-07-2017 Promotion and Posting of III Grade Overseers as II Grade Overseers: List of Overseers likely to be promoted: Details called for (Urgent Circular)
15-07-2017 CE (Admin)  CE/HRD/1182/2016 dated 15-07-2017 Training Need Analysis in PWD Office: Providing support to Coordinators: reg
14-07-2017 CE (Admin)  GECBH/TPLC/2017-18/3 dated 03-07-2017 M.Tech Programme on Translational Engineering:Barton Hill Engineering College
07-07-2017 CE(Admin) SC2/10788/2017 dated 29-06-2017 Preparation of qualified list for the promotion to the post of Senior Clerk: Service card of eligible Clerks called for
06-07-2017 PWD (E) 386/E3/2017/PWD dated 30-06-2017  Implementation of PRICE software in all wings of PWD - Strict instructions issued
04-07-2017 CE(Admin) EB2/11370/2017 dated 04-07-2017 Deputation of Engineers to NHAI: Applications invited
01-07-2017 CE(Admin) 1/CE/D&A/GIS/General/2013 dated 29-06-2017 Implementation of GIS based Asset Management System in PWD: Preliminary meeting
30-06-2017 CE(Admin) Vig/General/17 dated 24-06-2017 PWD Vigilance: Implementation of Biometric Attendance System in PWD Offices in Public Office Complex - Strict instructions issued
23-06-2017 CE(admin) CE/Admin/PLA/EMP-MOU/1014-A/05 dated 19-06-2017 Full utilization of the benefits from the MOU signed between PWD and Technical Education Department: Direction issued to all Superintending Engineers
21-06-2017 IT Cell NOTICE Attention PWD Employees in Public Office Complex Thiruvananthapuram: Biometric Attendance System -Reg
20-06-2017 CE(R&B) Letter No: GL/CE/R&B/RSW/2017 dated 09-06-2017 Guidelines for submitting Road Safety works estimate through PRICE: Strict instructions issued
18-06-2017 CE(admin) ED4/12373/2017 dated 03-06-2017  Submission of details for service regularisation
16-06-2017 CE(admin) EA1/12367/14 dated 09-06-2017 Reporting of Promotion, Transfer and posting of Divisional Accountants to finance department - Reg
14-06-2017 CE(admin) CE/Admin/PLA/1001/05/Part3 dated 14-06-2017 Sanction for hiring vehicles for use of Sub Division Offices: Details called for
12-06-2017 CE(admin) EA4/12673/2017 Dated 8-6-17 Assembly Question No.1464
08-06-2017 CE(Admin) EC1/20114/14 dated 05-06-2017 OA(EKM) No.622/2014 filed before Honourable Kerala Administrative Tribunal by C J Antony, I Grade Oversee, Irrigation Electrical Section, Malampuzha - Compliance of Final Orders
07-06-2017 IT Mission DDFS/Admin/517/2014-KSITM dated 22-05-2017 Empanelment of Certifying Authorities for issuance of Digital Signature Certificate for Government of Kerala Officials
07-06-2017 CE(Admin) CE/Admin/PLA/2139/17 dated 06-06-2017 List of Assistant Engineers authorised for Inspection of Pre-monsoon works in various constituencies
07-06-2017 CE(Admin) G.O (Rt) No.58/2017/Fin dated 03-05-2017 (with Endorsement No. GPF1/Gen/17) Revision of upper monetary limit for various categories of sanctioning officers with specification of their scales of pay - orders issued
05-06-2017 CE(Admin) O&M1/18394/2016 dated 31-05-2017 Updation of incumbency of staff: Details called for
05-06-2017 CE(Admin) EA4/11761/2017 dated 31-05-2017 Maintaining movement register in all PWD Offices: Strict instructions issued - reg.
02-06-2017 CE(Admin) ED4/22643/2016 dated 29-05-2017 Details of Vehicles and Drivers working on daily wage basis in various PWD Offices: Report called for
30-05-2017 CE(Admin) EA2/10477/2017 dated 29-05-2017 Representation of employees from Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Communities in Government Service: Incubency details called for
27-05-2017 CE(Admin) EB4-17853/2016 dated 14-05-2017 Provisional promotion of II Grade Overseers as I Grade Draftsman: Details called for 
23-05-2017 CE(Admin) Vig 3/10757/17 Dated 20-05-2017 Show cause notice to  Bubhash N, Third Grade Overseer
22-05-2017 CE(Admin) O&M1/18394/2016 dated 16-05-2017 Filling up vacancies through employment exchange on temporary basis - Instructions issue
22-05-2017 CE(Admin) O&M1/18394/2016 dated 17-05-2017 Maintaining movement register in all PWD Office - Strict instructions issued
16-05-2017 CE(Admin) EB5/4518/2017 dated 16-05-2017 Details and joining reports  of newly joined III Grade Overseers called for
15-05-2017 CE(Admin) CE/Admin/P.L.A/1014/2015 dated 10-05-2017 Ensuring quality of cement used in PWD works: Reg
08-05-2017 CE(Admin) O&M1-18394/2016 dated 08-05-2017 Resolving the anomalies in the Government Orders for re-structuring of Department: Urgent meeting called for
24-04-2017 CE(Admin) O&M 1/18394/2016 Dated 22/04/2017 Direction on furnishing timely reply to LA Questions
21-04-2017 CE (Buildings) CE/BL/GL/2009 dated19-04-2017 14th Kerala Legislative Assembly (V Session): Buildings Wing - Obtaining the L.A questions from the Niyamasabha website, appointment of Nodal Officer and timely submission of replies to L.A interpellations - Reg
21-04-2017 CE (Admin) O&M1/18394/2016 dated 21-04-2017 Avoiding delay in declaration of probation and extension of probation period of employees: circular
20-04-2017 CE (Admin) EA1/14411/2016 dated 05-04-2017 Transition of Official Language to Malayalam: Report called for
12-04-2017 CE (R&B) CE/R&B/PRICE/6725/2015 dated 10-04-2017 Rates for Bituminuos Items for I Half (April-September) of 2017-18 Financial Year
11-04-2017 CE (Admin) EE2/SLR/2017 dated 31-03-2017 Details of SLR/Worker working in various PWD Offices called for -reg.
05-04-2017 CE (Admin) PWD-B2/112/2016 dated 31-03-2017 Avoiding delay in declaration of probation of employees: Strict instructions issued
05-04-2017 CE (Admin) PWD/A4/21/2017/PWD dated 28-03-2017 Appointment of Technical Staff in Delhi Police Housing Corporation Ltd on deputation basis: Applications invited
01-04-2017 CE (Admin) CE/Admin/PLA/1014/2015 dated 31-03-2017 Preparation of estimate through 'PRICE' software: Cost Index to be adopted to 2016 DSR
31-03-2017 CE (Admin) O&M1/176/2015 dated 30-03-2017 General Transfer 2017: Applications invited
30-03-2017 CE (Admin) O&M/18394/2016 dated 30-03-2017 Implementation of Biometric based Attendance System in PWD Offices in Public Office Complex, Thiruvananthapuram: Trial Run from 01-04-2017
22-03-2017 CE (Admin) O&M3/PTS/12 dated 13-03-2017 Details  of part time sweepers working at various offices of PWD called for
22-03-2017 CE (Admin) EB-2/20936/2016 dated 14-03-2017 Submitting proposal for declaration of probation in respect of officers in the cadre of Assistant Executive Engineer up to Chief Engineers
18-03-2017 CE (Admin) SC4/636/2017 dated 14-03-2017 Publishing of seniority list of Driver Grade II for the period from 01-04-2014 to 31-12-2016: Details called for
18-03-2017 CE (Admin) CE/HRD/Gen/2012 dated 18-03-2017 Strengthening of Design and QC wings - Selection of Engineers and Draftsmen for posting in Design and I&QC wings
16-03-2017 CE (Admin) EB2-3303/2017 dated 13-03-2017 Deputation to the posts of Regional Managers and Project Engineers in Kerala State Construction: Applications invited from Executive Engineers and  Assistant Engineers working in PWD
14-03-2017 CE (Admin) Endt No. 15972/EB3/2013 dated 13-03-2017 Service verification of Assistant Engineers at Kerala PSC Office, Thiruvananthapuram
14-03-2017 CE (Admin) Endt No. 15972/EB3/2013(1) dated 13-03-2017 Service verification of Assistant Engineer and Draftsman at PSC regional Office, Ernakulam
09-03-2017 CE (Admin) EB6/2144/2017 dated 08-03-2017 Promotion of III Grade Overseers (Civil) as II Grade Draftsman: List of III Grade Overseers likely to promoted published - Details called for
09-03-2017 CE (Admin) EA2/10215/2014 dated 07-03-2017 Deployment of Clerks to LSGD: Submission of options
01-03-2017 CE (Admin) ED2/3470/2017 dated 22-02-2017 Selection of Junior Superintendents eligible for appointment in the post of Divisional Accountants: Applications invited
21-02-2017 CE (Admin) Endt No.15972/EB3/2013 dated 20-02-2017 Service Verification of Assistant Engineers, Engineering Assistants and Overeers at PSC Regional Office, Ernakulam
18-02-2017 CE (Buildings) CE/Bl/GL/2009 dated 18-02-2017 14th Kerala Legislative Assembly (IV Session): Buildings Wing - Obtaining the L.A questions from the Niyamasabha website, appointment of Nodal Officer and timely submission of replies to L.A interpellations - Reg
18-02-2017 CE (Admin.) O&M1/18394/2016 dated 17-02-2017 14th Kerala Legislative Assembly (IV Session): Timely submission of replies to L.A interpellations - reg.
18-02-2017 Road Safety Cell RW/NH-29011/2/2015-P&M (RSCE) dated 14-09-2016 MORTH Circular: Immediate cautionary measures for alerting road users at identified black spots
16-02-2017 CE(Admin) CE/Admin/PLA/2139/09 DAted 15/02/2017 Attestation_PWD MAnual for the Departmental Test  on 17-02-2017
08-02-2017 CE (Admin.) EE3/8402/10 dated 06-02-2017 Promotion of Last Grade Staff working in Rest Houses: Details called for
04-02-2017 CE (R&B) 106/GL/CE/R&B/RSW/2016dated 23-01- 2017 Route Marker Sign Boards with name of SH/MDR: Preparation of estimates
03-02-2017 CE (R&B) 05/CE/R&B/RSW/2017 dated 25-01-2017 Rectification of NATPAC identified blackspot -reg
03-02-2017 CE (R&B)

185/SC/CE/R&B/RSW/2014 dated 16-01-2017

(List of Blackspots

Identification and Prioritization of blackspots in Kerala: Directive of Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety
03-02-2017 CE(Admin) O&M1/18394(1)/2016 Dated 30/01/2017 Submitting CR of Employees_Instructions
03-02-2017 CE(Admin) O&M1/18394(2)/2016 Dated 30/01/2017 Guidelines on RTI questions from Sub Offices
02-02-2017 CE(admin) EA2/17057/20165 Dated 28-01-2017 Amendment in Special rules-Suggestions invited
31-01-2017 CE(Admin.) Vig.6/374/2017 dated 31-01-2017 Termination of III Grade Overseer from Service
24-01-2017 Project Director (KSTP) NOTICE Environmental Specialist in KSTP: Applications invited
24-01-2017 CE(Design & Administration) BD/Cir/01/Gen/2017 dated 11-01-2017 Clearance from Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) for construction of any structure across the National Waterways - Instruction issued
21-01-2017 CE(Admin) CE/Admin/IT/PRICE/2016-17 dated 19-01-2017 Preparation and publication of Local Market rates (LMR): Strict instructions issued to Executive Engineers
21-01-2017 CE(Admin) EB1-952/2017 Dated 19-01-2017 DO letter from DCE(Admin)- Meeting of Ministerial head to finalize incumbency details
20-01-2017 CE(Admin) Ad.G1/UE-TO/Deputation /2016 dated 09-01-2017 Deputation to the post of University Engineer and Executive Engineer in CUSAT: Applications invited
20-01-2017 CE(Admin) PWD-A3/301/2016-PWD dated 09-01-2017 Deputation to the post of Chief Engineer (Civil) in Andaman Public Works Department: Applications invited
20-01-2017 CE(Admin) Endt No. 15972/EB3/2013 dated 12-01-2017 Kerala PSC: Service verification of Assistant Engineers (Civil) on 07-02-2017
18-01-2017 CE(Admin) Endt No. EC1-2244/16 dated 17-01-2017 KPSC Thrissur District office: Service verification of Lineman on 23-01-2017
18-01-2017 CE(Admin) EB5/21878/2016 dated 26-12-2016 Service matters: Submission of applications through proper channel - Strict instructions issued
18-01-2017 CE(Admin) O&M 1/18394/2016 dated 09-01-2017 Details of retired staff not receiving pension benefits - report called for
16-01-2017 CE (R&B) CE/R&B/GL-Bridges/2017 dated 11-01-2017 Inspection and maintenance of Bridges: Report called for
09-01-2017 CE (R&B) CE/R&B/PRICE/6725/2015 dated 06-01-2017 Rates for Bituminuos items for the rest of : I Quarter (January to March) 2017
31-12-2016 HRD Cell E1/1970/KPHCC/2014/ADMIN Application invited for the post of Executive Engineer in KPHCC on deputation
28-12-2016 IT Cell
  2. Computers & Printers included in AMC
AMC Expiry of HCL Computers and Toshiba e-studio multi-function printers   supplied to Sub Divisions, Divisions, Circles & CE Offices
for the period from 01-01-2016 to 31-12-2016 (Reminder)

28-12-2016 CE(Admin) Vig-6/725/08 Dated 27-12-2016 Submission of returns of Immovable and /or movable properties for 2016_Directions
27-12-2016 CE(Admin) CE/HRD/2286/2013 Dated 27/12/20163 Seminar on Impact of Metro Rail on the life of Kochi conducted at Assissi Vidyaniketan Public School, Chembumukku, Near Palarivattom, Ernakulam
23-12-2016 CE(Admin) ED3/50/General/2016 dated 19/12/2016 Instruction on affixing Property statement in the Service Book of Newly recruited employe
23-12-2016 CE(Admin SC5/11969/2016/PartII Dated 17/12/2016 Details called for preparing select list of LGS for the promotion to the post Clerk/Typist
23-12-2016 CE(Admin) SC2/21419/2016 Dated 17/12/2016 Details called for preparing select list of Clerks for the promotion to the post of Senior Clerk
22-12-2016 CE(Admin) 15972/EB3/2013 dated 22-12-2016 Appointment verification of Assistant Engineers(Civil)
17-12-2016 CE(Admin) 1/CE/Admin/IT/e-mail/2016-17 dated 03-12-2016 Allotment of Official e-mail ID to all Assistant Enineers in PWD R&B wing Updated
14-12-2016 CE(Admin) SC4/14011/16 dated 07-12-2016 Preparation of seniority list of III Grade Overseesr for the period from 01-04-1990 to 31-12-2007: Submission of service details - Strict Instructions issued to office Heads - Reg
30-11-2016 CE(NH) CE/NH/PRICE/248/16 dated 01-12-2016 Implementation of PRICE software in the NH Wing of PWD: Guidelines issued
30-11-2016 CE(Admin) EE3/19357/2016 dated 08-11-2016 Details of road rollers in PWD: Details called for
28-11-2016 CE(Admin) O&M1/18394/2016 dated 17-11-2016 Relieving from PWD for taking up new employment: Instructions issued
14-11-2016 CE(Admin) EC1/2422/2016 dated 16-11-2016 PWD Electrical: Deatils of I Grade Overseers and II Grade Overseers called for
14-11-2016 CE(Admin) WEP (1)3100/11(3) dated 04-11-2016 Service verification of Driver & Watchman at PSC Wynad District Office on 15-11-2016
14-11-2016 CE(Admin) DSS II (2) 3778/11/16 dated 03-11-2016 Service verification of LD Clerk & Watchmen at PSC Kozhhikode District Office on 15-11-2016
11-11-2016 CE(Admin) A/227/2016/HC dated 19-10-2016 Housing (Technical Cell) - Filling up vacancies of Engineers, Clerks and Typist  on Deputation: Applications invited
11-11-2016 CE(Admin) Registration Form 77th Annual session of  IRC at Hyderabad from 15th-18th December 2016 - Applications invited
11-11-2016 CE(Admin) Vig.8/3569/2011 dated 28-10-2016 Guidelines to be followed for sample testing at KHRI and other Quality Control Labs as part of Vigilance Investigations
09-11-2016 CE(Admin) EB4-15742/2013 Dated 05-11-2016 Correction in circular No EB4-15742/2013 Dated 05-11-2016
08-11-2016 CE(Admin) CE/HRD/DEP/C1/2016 dated 07-11-2016 Deputation of one Executive Engineer and One Assistant Engineer to RICK Ltd - Applications invited
08-11-2016 CE(Admin) CE/HRD/DEP/C2/2016 dated 07-11-2016 Posting of Executive Engineer/Assistant Executive Engineer having qualification of M.Tech/ ME in Environmental Engineering to work as Environmental Engineer in KSTP: Applications invited
08-11-2016 CE(Admin) CE/122/HRD/2009 dated 04-11-2016 Deputation of Engineers in PWD to PG Courses: Applications invited
07-11-2016 CE(Admin) EB4/17853/2016 Dated 03/11/2016 List of 2nd grade D'man likely to be promoted as Ist grade D'man
03-11-2016 CE(R&B) CE/R&B/PRICE/6725/2015 dated 01/11/2016 Rates for Bituminuos items for the rest of : III Quarter (July to September) 2016-17
01-11-2016 CE(Admin) Vig.2/22498/2015 dated 22-10-2016 Show-Cause notice to Sri. Chacko T M, Third Grade Overseer, Roads Section, Erumely
01-11-2016 CE(Admin) O&M1/18394/(1)2016 dated 01-11-2016 Inclusion of PEN numbers of employees in seniority and DPC lists: Deatils called for
01-11-2016 CE(Admin) O&M1/18394/(2)2016 dated 26-10-2016 Physical verification and maintenance of service books kept in PWD Offices
CE(Admin) EB4/15742/2013 dated 25-10-2016
Preparation of seniority list of Draftsman GrI and GrII-
24-10-2016 CE(Admin) EB4(a)/4239/2014 dated 18-10-2016 Provisional promotion of III Grade Overseers as II Grade Draftsman: Likely to be promoted - details called for
20-10-2016 CE(Admin) Endt No: EC1-2244/15 dated 19-10-2016 PSC Service verification of I Grade Overseer (Electrical) and III Grade Overseer
20-10-2016 CE(Admin) EB5-6474/16 dated 01-10-2016 Recruitment of Third Grade Overseers through Employment Exchange for 179 days
15-10-2016 CE(Admin) Endnt No.15972/EB3/2013 Dated 15/10/2016 Assistant Engineer(Civil)- PSC Service verification_List of officials
15-10-2016 CE(Admin) EB5/7776/2016 dated 07-10-2016 Details of Blue Printers working in PWD Called for
14-10-2016 CE(Admin) EA2/14533/2016 dated 29-09-2016 Management of PWD Rest Houses: Strict instructions issued
06-10-2016 CE(Admin) EB2/14868/2016 Dated 26/09/2016 Minutes of te meeting held by the Chief Engineer(Admin) 0n 22/09/2016
06-10-2016 CE(Admin) VIg1/14568/2016 Dated 30-09-2016 Finance Inspection report regarding the disposal of unclaimed Security deposit_Directions issued
CE(Admin) VIg2-5124/12 Dated 31-05-2014 Showcause notice to Sri D Sabuji, 3rd grade Overseer
04-10-2016 CE(Admin) SC4/14011/16 Dated 30/09/2016 Details of 3rd grade Overseers called for
03-10-2016 CE(Admin) EE2-16280/2016 dated 27-09-2016 Details of SLR, CLR, HR, Worker staff appointed through PWD and presently working in other Departments called for
01-10-2016 CE(Admin) CE/HRD/2286/2013 Dated 30/09/2016 Meeting of All SEs and EEs on 4-10-16
01-10-2016 CE(Buildings) CE/BL/TVM/36098/98 dated 30-09-2016  Rent free accomodation provided to CBI in PWD Rest Houses of the State
29-09-2016 CE(Admin) EE3/14331/2016 dated 22-09-2016 Details of Ferries and Ferry Men called for
24-09-2016 CE(Admin) EA4/14864/2016 dated 23-09-2016 Service Details of Ministerial staff called for
23-09-2016 CE(Admin) CE/Admin/PLA/2139/2009 dated 09-09-2016 Centenary Celebrations of Sree Narayana Guru's "Nammukku Jaathiyilla (I do not have Caste)" Declaration
22-09-2016 CE(Admin) Endt No: 15972/EB3/2013 dated 22-09-2016 PSC service verification of Assistant Engineers (Civil) at PSC Head Quarters on 26-09-2016 Very Urgent
20-09-2016 CE(Admin) EB5-15021/2016 dated 09-09-2016 Posting of staffs in Sub Division at Kerala House, New Delhi - Application Invited
08-09-2016 CE(Admin) Vig-6/11064/16 dated 08-09-2016 Holding discussions with Kerala Water Authority Officials prior to the start of Road Works - Reg.
05-09-2016 CE(Admin) CE/HRD/27184/2014 dated 01-09-2016 Apprenticeship Training - Graduate and Technician Apprentices - conduct of centralized Walk in interview at different places in Kerala
31-08-2016 CE(Admin) EB3/159/2013 dated 25-08-2016 KPSC verification allied service regularization- Appointment of Assistant Engineers advised under Direct Recruitment Quota
31-08-2016 CE(Admin) Vig-9/10656/2016 dated 23-08-2016 Statewide Surprise check "Operation Khadi" by vigilance and Anti Corruption Bureau - reg.
29-08-2016 CE(Admin) QR.II(4) 3398/2011 dated 11-08-2016 PSC District Office Kollam: PSC Verification of Watchman and LD Clerk for service regularisation on 30-08-2016Very Urgent
29-08-2016 CE(Admin) Vig-5/1554/2015 dated 03-08-2016 Show cause notice to Sri. Sanalkumar, SLR Driver
26-08-2016 CE(Admin) EB1.92/2015/Design& Administration dated 23-08-2016 Posting of Executive Engineer, Assistant Executive Engineer, Assistant Engineer and Draftsman Grade I, II and III in Quality Control Wing - Applications invited.
26-08-2016 CE(Admin) EB1.92/2015/Design& Administration dated 23-08-2016 Posting of Executive Engineer, Assistant Executive Engineer, Assistant Engineer and Draftsman Grade I, II and III in Design Wing - Applications invited.
25-08-2016 CE(Admin) ED1/2568/2015 dated 10-08-2016 Restructuring of review committee for monitoring the promotion of LD Clerks as UD Clerks - Reg.
22-08-2016 CE(Admin) EE2/2332/2015 dated 20-08-2016 Details of skilled worker staff in PWD Offices: Report called for
20-08-2016 CE(Admin) EB2-11853/2016 Dated 19-06-2016 Application invited from interested Asst Executive Engineers to work as Engineering Liaison officer in Industries and Commerce Directorate, Trivandrum.
12-08-2016 CE(R&B) CE/R&B/PRICE/6725/2015 dated 08-08-2016 Rates for Bituminuos items: III Quarter (July to September)2016
05-08-2016 CE(Admin) EB-2/13058/2016 dated 04-08-2016

Service details of Assistant Engineers and Asst Executive Engineers for the last 7 years-Details called for

Excel sheet format

05-08-2016 DCE(Vig) Vig-4/12548/2016 Preparation and execution of major works-Maintenance of records and allied matters-Guidelines
03-08-2016 CE(Buildings) CE/BLDGS/8587/KKD/2013 dated 28-07-2016 Rain Harvesting works made mandatory for all Government Buildings: Strict instructions issued
03-08-2016 CE(Buildings) CE/BL/TVM/36098/98 (2) dated 01-08-2016 Minutes of the meeting on PWD Rest Houses in Kerala held on 21-07-2016
03-08-2016 CE(Buildings) CE/BL/TVM/36098/98 (1) dated 01-08-2016 Rent free accomodation provided to CBI in PWD Rest Houses of the State dispensed with
03-08-2016 Kerala Road Safety Authority

A2/418/KRSA/2013 dated 11-12-2013

(Published Earlier)

KRSA: Ownership of Traffic Signals: Entrusting the responsiblity to Police Department
03-08-2016 Kerala Road Safety Authority

A2/121/KRSA/2013 dated 12-12-2014

(Published Earlier)

Kerala Road Safety Authority: Removal of un-authorised boards and hoardings in the side of PWD Roads: Compliance of High Court Judgement - Strict Instructions issued
03-08-2016 CE(R&B)

300/RA/CE/R&B/RSW/2013 dated 20-03-2013

(Published Earlier)

Road Safety: Guidelines for ensuring uniformity and standardisation of Road Safety works in PWD
03-08-2016 CE(R&B)


(Published Earlier)

Road Safety: Guidelines to be followed while issuing Technical sanction to school zone improvement works and installation of crash barriers utilising the funds of Kerala Road Safety Authority
03-08-2016 CE(R&B)

GL(Tech)/CE/R&B/RSW/2013 dated 09-01-2014

(Published Earlier)

Road Safety: Guidelines for providing speed breakers/humps on PWD roads
01-08-2016 Admin Vig-5/11533/2016 dated 22-07-2016 PWD Vigilance: Maintaining Measurement Books in PWD Offices - reg.
30-07-2016 CE(R&B) CE/R&B/AEE-II/SLTF-GL/2016 Dated 28/07/2016 Proposal for Monsoon work- Prioritized proposal called for
  IT Cell
  2. Computers & Printers included in AMC
AMC of HCL Computers and Toshiba e-studio multi-function printers   supplied to Sub Divisions, Divisions, Circles & CE Offices
for the period from 01-01-2016 to 31-12-2016
21/07/2016 CE(Admin) Vig-8/5569/05 Dated 05/07/2016 Show cause notice to R.Gopalakrishnapillai, LD Clerk
21/07/2016 CE(Admin) EE1/9302/2016 Dated 16/07/2016 Application invited from eligible typists for the promotion to the post of Confidential Assistant
21-07-2016 CE(Admin) SC5-11969/2016 Dated 16/07/2016 Promotion of OA to the post of Clerk_Service book called for
16-07-2016 CE(R&B) CE/R&B/AEE-II/6479 /2016 dated 14-07- 2016 Non Plan Works: Proposal for the repair work of roads in the State
11-07-2016 CE(Admin) EB-4/10106/2016 Dated 5/7/2016 Service details of Technical staff_Details called for
08-07-2016 CE(admin) 17239/HRD/2012 dated 07-07-2016 One Day Conference of PWD Engineers: Food Management - Reg
08-07-2016 CE(admin) O&M1/23227/2015 dated 07-07-2016 Prevention of Harassment of Women at work place: Constituting internal complaint committees - reg.
07-07-2016 CE(admin) Urgent Notice One day conference on 09-07-2016- Change in Schedule
07-07-2016 CE(admin) 17239/HRD/2012 Dated 05/07/2016 One day conference on 09-07-2016- Deputation of Engineers to Registration committe
30-06-2016 CE(admin) Vig.4/21375/15 dated 05-05-2015 Maintaining tree/asset register in all sub division offices of PWD
30-06-2016 CE(admin) PER1/2792/2015 dated 25-06-2016
Deputation to SIDCO-Application invited
30-06-2016 CE(admin) EE2/9712/2016 dated 29-06-2016  Urgent Circular: Temporary Staff and Daily wage staff -reg
28-06-2016 CE(admin) EE2/23604/2015 Details of Workers-Report called for
24-06-2016 CE(admin) EE2/10582/2016 Details of Retired employees working in PWD-Details called for
24-06-2016 CE(Admin) Vig.8/6901/2010 dated 22-06-2016
Show cause notice to  Mr. Bijoy P Aldeus, Asst Engineer
23-06-2016 CE(Admin) Notice Meeting of All PWD Engineers at Senate hall , Thiruvananthapuram on 09/07/2016
22-06-2016 CE(Buildings) CE/BL/GL/HC/1/2016 Temporary staff engaged in PWD Buildings offices and Rest houses
21-06-2016 CE (Admin) / Kerala PSC RE IV(2) 1711/2011-2 dated 20-06-2016 Service Verification of I Grade Overseers (Electrical) and Engineering Assistants at PSC Regional Office Kochi
18-06-2016 CE(Bldgs) CE/BL/TVM/36098/98 dated 16-06-2016 Prevention of mis-use of PWD Rest Houses and its premises
18-06-2016 CE(Bldgs) CE/BL/GL/Cir/2016 dated 17-06-2016 Pre-Monsoon Works: Rectification of roof leakages
17-06-2016 CE(Bldgs) CE/BL/GL/HC/1/2016  dated 16-06-2016 Temporary staff engaged in PWD buildings offices and PWD Rest Houses - Urgent Deatils called for
10-06-2016 CE(Admin) EE2/9712/2016 dated 10-06-2016 Urgent Circular: Temporary Staff and Daily wage staff -reg
07-06-2016 CE(Admin) SC5-11969/2016 dated 01-06-2016 Promotion of Last Grade Staff to the post of Clerk: Service books called for
02-06-2016 CE(Admin) SC2-8680/2014 dated 28-05-2016 Preparation of qualified list for promotion of clerks as senior clerks: Details called for
02-06-2016 CE(Admin) CE/PLA/1014/2005 dated 01-06-2016 Region wise Review meetings of Pre-Monsoon works
01-06-2016 CE(Bldgs) CE/BL/GL/CIR/2016 dated 01-06-2016 Buildings wing: Arranging Pre-monsoon works:Reg
27-05-2016 CE(Admin) G.O (Rt) No.871/ 2016/PWD dated 10-05-2016 Good Service Entry awarded to Dr. Cini A, Assistant Executive Engineer, Bridges Sub Division, Kollam
27-05-2016 CE(Admin) SC5/11969/2016 dated 09-05-2016 Preparation of seniority List of Last Grade Staff eleigible for promotion to the post of Typists: Details called for
24-05-2016 CE(Admin) EA1-18726/2015 dated 09-05-2016 Maintaining 'cash declaration register' in PWD Offices: reg


NOTICE Preventing Harassment of women in workplaces: Workshop
20-05-20016 CE(Admin) O&M.1/25864/2014 dated 05-05-2016 Harassment of women in workplaces: Re-structuring of Complaint committee
20-05-20016 CE(Admin)

SC4-20000/15 Dated 12-05-2016


Details called for to prepare seniority list of Confidential Assistant
12-05-2016 EE Buildings, TVM D2-61/2015 dated 09-05-2016 Seniority List of applicants of Nalanda Working Women's Hostel, Thiruvananthapuram Published
07-05-2016 CE(Admin),   PSC
RE IV(2)1711/2011-1 dated 02-05-2016 Service verification of Engineering Assistant and III Grade Overseers at PSC Ernakulam Regional Office
07-04-2016 CE(Admin) EA1/5796/2016 dated 01-04-2016 Official Language Committee: Government Level and Department level meetings
07-04-2016 CE(Admin) EC1/23016/2014 dated 04-04-2016 Regularisation of Lineman /Assistant Lineman/ Helpers: List of staff who acquired the qualification from the period from 01-01-2008 to 31-03-2016 Published Very Urgent
04-04-2016 CE(Admin) Letter No.EE2/ 20396/14 dated 31-03-2016 Details of SLR staff called for - Reg
02-04-2016 CE(Admin) Letter No EA1-5796/2016 Meeting of Superintending Engineers/Executive Engineers(R&B) on 11-04-2016
28-03-2016 CE (Admin) Letter No. ITPO/E-I/98 dated 10-03-2016 Deputation to the Post of General Manager (Works) in ITPO:  Willingness called for
28-03-2016 CE (Admin) ED3-50/General/2016 dated 17-03-2016 Obtaining permission from the Head of the Department before relieving staff who got posting to other Category or Department - Strict Directions issued
26-02-2016 CE (Admin) V.G8/8325/2012 dated 27-03-2015 Show Cause Notice to Office Attendant
26-02-2016 CE (Designs) BD/CIR/01/2016/DESIGN/HW dated 18-02-2016 Revision of already approved GADs for Bridge works from this Office for incorporating latest codal provisions - reg.
18-02-2016 Admin EA2/20168/2014 dated 13-01-2016 Concession in Cash Solvency, Solvency, Registration fee, EMD and Security Deposit for Bidders belonging to SC/ST Community
18-02-2016 Admin Ltr No. A4/1820/2014 dated 06-02-2016 Posting of Assistant Executive Engineer and Assistant Engineer at New Delhi: Willingness called for
18-02-2016 Admin EC1/2422/2016 dated 09-02-2016 Details of PWD Electrical Wing Staff called for
18-02-2016 Admin Endt. No. EE2-GL/ 2013 dated 09-02-2016
Revision of Salary of Daily Wage Staff: Details called for
03-02-2016 Admin AAG1/2/2016 dated 02-02-2016 Medical Camp for Life Cylce Disease diagnosis and control for PWD Staff
28-01-2016 Admin ED1/2568/2015 dated 20-01-2016 Kerala Administrative Tribunal Judgement on O.A No.2217/2014: Compliance of Government Orders
28-01-2016 Admin EC1/15835/2015 dated 28-01-2016 Compliance of Kerala Administrative Tribunal Judgement on Complaint No: 1362/15 (Hearing): Direction issued to Assistant Engineer (Electrical) and Linemen Most Urgent
23-01-2016 Admin 77216/C.D.N.2/2015 /GAD dated 30-12-2015 Martyr's Day 2016: Observance of 2 minutes silence at all Government Offices to pay homage to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives in India's freedom struggles
23-01-2016 Admin 77078/Pol.5/2015/ GAD dated 10-01-2016 Republic Day Celebrations in Government Offices: Adherance to Guidelines - Reg.
16-01-2016 Admin CE/HRD/Gen/2012 dated 14-01-2016 Deputation of Superintending Engineer & Executive Engineer in NHAI: Applications called for
14-01-2016 Admin EA1/21553/15  dated 30-12-2015 ഉത്തരവുകളും, സര്‍ക്കുലറുകളും കത്തിടപാടുകളും മലയാളത്തില്‍ ആക്കുന്നത് സംബന്ധിച്ച്
13-01-2016 Admin EB4/2016/2015 dated 11-01-2016 Inservice Training to PWD Staff of South Circle and Chief Engineers Office: Details called for
08/01/2016 CE(Admin)

(AMC Details & Contact Nos)

(List of Machines included in AMC )

AMC of HCL Computers and Toshiba e-studio multi-function printers at PWD Offices Statewide extended for the period from 01-01-2016 to 31-12-2016 supplied to Sub Divisions, Divisions, Circles & CE Offices
07/01/2016 CE(Admin) RE IV (2) 1711/ 2011-13 dated 28-12-2015 Service verification of III Grade Overseers at PSC Regional Office Ernakulam
06/01/2016 CE(Admin) EE2/23604/15 dated 19-12-2015 Complaint regarding SLR Staff: Report called for
01/01/2016 CE(Admin) EB4-2016/2015 Incumbency details of all categories of Employees working in this department Staff_called for
31/12/2015 CE(Admin) Agenda PWD State Level Review Meeting on 05-01-2016
30/12/2015 CE(Admin) Vig-6/725/08 Dated 29-12-2015 Submission of Returns of movable and Immovable properties
23/12/2015 CE(Admin) SC2-22451/2015 Dated 22-12-2015 Promotion as Senior Clerk-Details called for
22/12/2015 CE(Admin) EB4-23821/15 Dated 15-12-2015 Incumbency details of Technical Staff_called for
16/12/2015 CE(Admin) EB5/21944/2013 dated 09-12-2015 Vacancies of III Grade Overseers: Details called for
11/12/2015 CE(R&B) CE/R&B/PRICE/6275/15 dated 11-12-2015 Implementation of PRICE Software in the Roads & Bridges (R&B) wing of Kerala PWD
08/12/2015 CE(Admin) Letter from Kerala PSC, Regional Office, Ernakulam Keral Public Service Commission_Service Verification
03/12/2015 CE(Admin) Vig.8/3569/2011 Dated 07/11/2015 Show cause notice to Mr.Biju Alias, 3rd Grade Overseer, Buildings Section, Iritty
26/11/2015 CE(Roads)

L A Questions (2 Nos 2 Pages)



Urgent_To all Executive Engineers_Pls provide reply
21/11/2015 CE(Admin)

1/CE/R&B/Admin/IT/AMC/2014-15 dated 21-11-2015

(AMC Contact Nos)

(List of Machines included in AMC )

Urgent Circular to all Office Heads: Repair of Computers and Printers included in AMC before 30-11-2015
EB4/2400/2015 Dated 13/11/2015
Provisional promotion of 2nd Crade Overseer as I't Crade D'man - list of2'd Grade Overseer likely to be promoted
19/11/2015 CE(Admin) EA1/21553/2015 dated 18-11-2015 II Meeting of Departmental Cordination Committee on Official Language and Government Level Committee Meeting - Directions to EEs and SEs
17/11/2015 CE(Admin) EE2/17176/2015
List of CLR/HR Employees to convert as CLR
11/11/2015 CE(Admin) CE/122/HRD/2009 dated 11-11-2015 Deputation of Engineers in PWD to PG Courses (2016-17)
07/11/2015 CE(Admin) EA1/21553/2015 Dated 05/11/2015 Report on transition of Official Language( à´­à´°à´£ ഭാഷാ മാറ്റ പുരോഗതി റിപ്പോര്‍ട്ട്‌ സമര്‍പ്പിക്കുന്നത്  à´¸à´‚ബന്ധിച്ചു )
21-10-2015 CE(Admin) O&M1/14134/2015 dated 26-09-2015 Inspection of Secretariat wing at PWD Offices: Strict Intructions issued
19-10-2015 CE(Buildings) No-CE/BL/GL/Manual /2014 dated 12-10-2015 Awareness Programme on Quality Control Manual
16-10-2015 CE(Admin) EB5/474/2010(VolI) dated 16-10-2015 Service verification of III Grade Overseers at PSC Regional Office Ernakulam
07-10-2015 CE(Admin) VG1/3238/2014 dated 26-08-2015 Show Cause Notice to Sri. Ragesh, I Grade Draftsman, CRD Project Cell
07-10-2015 CE(Admin) VG1/26415/2013 dated 08-09-2015 Show Cause Notice to Sri. Udayaprakash, LD Clerk, Buildings Sub Division, Nedumangad
03-10-2015 CE(Admin) CE/Admin/PLA/22362/2013 Implementation of guidelines in the PWD Quality Control Manual and PWD Laboratory manual
30-09-2015 CE(Admin) EB5-15588/14 dated 28-09-2015 Appointment of III Grade Overseers on Daily wage basis- reg
28-09-2015 CE(Admin) ED2-19184/2015 dated 28-09-2015 Provisional appointment of Junior Superintendents as Divisional Accountants: Preparation of Combined seniority List - Applications called for



Official inauguration of PRICE software and launching of PWD Quality Manual and Lab Manual
19-09-2015 CE(Admin) EE2 17176/15 dated 14/09/2015 Appointment of CLR/HR as SLR-Details called for
15-09-2015 DCE(Admin) DCE/Admn/PF-10/ 2015 dated 10-09-2015 Restricted entry of vehicles inside Public Office premises
11-09-2015 CE(Buildings) CE/BL/PRICE dated 10-09-2015 Logo Contest: PRICE Software
03-09-2015 CE(Admin) EB4 (A)-11480/14 dated 20-08-2015 Appointment of II Grade Overseers on Daily wage basis- reg
25-08-2015 CE(Admin) EB5/5297/2015 dated 21-08-2015 Service verification of 3rd grade Overseer at PSC Regional Office Kochi - Postponed
12-08-2015 CE(Admin) EB5/5297/2015 dated 12-08-2015 Service verification of 3rd grade Overseer at PSC Regional Office Kochi
10-08-2015 CE(Admin) FB9-8516/13 Dated 05-08-2015 Govt Quarters-Instruction regarding payment of Additional cash security
07-08-2015 CE(Admin) EE1/22353/2012 Vol II dated 06-08-2015 Details of Typists called for -reg
04-08-2015 CE(Admin) ED1/7133/08/Vol.3 dated 04-08-2015 Relieving of PWD staff reverted back from LSGD -reg
29-07-2015 CE(Admin) CE/Admn/PLA/1014/ 2005 dated 16-07-2015 General Instruction regarding the procurement of reinforcing steel bars for Grade Fe500/Fe500D and Fe500 (With corrosion resistant elements)
21-07-2015 CE(Admin) ED1/12568/2015 dated 21-07-2015 Updation of OA No.2217/2014: Details called for Very Urgent
14-07-2015 MD (RICK) Invitation of Proposals MD (RICK) invites EOI for Selection of Independent Engineer for rehabilitation packages of
State Road Improvement Project (SRIP)
14-07-2015 CE(Admin) EB5/6474/20101 VolII dated 13/07/2015 Service verification of 3rd grade Overseer
06-07-2015 CE(Admin) CE/HRD/GEN/2012 dated 03-07-2015 Switching over to the new Gazetted Entitlements Software GEMS - Office Addresses called for
25-03-2015 CE(Admin)

Notice & AMC Contact Nos


List of Computers & Printers included in AMC

AMC of HCL Computers and Toshiba e-studio multi-function printers for the period from 1-12-2014 to 30-11-2015 supplied to Sub Divisions, Divisions, Circles & CE Offices