Chief Engineer's Orders,Circulars & Letters

Date Wing Order/Circular No Details
03/07/2015 CE(Admin) Vig 1/8239/2015 Dated 10/06/2015 V&ACB Recommendations in the execution of road works by PWD
27-06-2015 CE(Admin) R G B 4/General/2015 Dated 11/05/2015 Insurance coverage of Department Vehicles_Instructions
22-06-2015 CE(Admin) EB5/6474/2010-Vol.II dated 22-06-2015 Service verification overseers who are posted through PSC Ernakulam Regional Office
20-06-2015 CE(Admin) EE2/4801/2012 Dated 17/06/2015 Special drive to rectify discrepancy in staff index of SLR staff 0n 25/6/2015, 11am
15-06-2015 MD (RICK) Tender Notification dated 22-05-2015 State Road Improvement Project (SRIP): Managing Director, RICK Ltd invites RFP &RFQ for Improvement works of Selected State Highways & MDR under Rehabilation Package of SRIP through DBFOT on PPP Annuity basis
15-06-2015 Admin CE/R&B/Admin/IT/AMC/2014-15  bdated 25-03-2015 Annual Maintenance Contract of HCL Computers and Toshiba Multi-Function printers supplied to PWD Offices through PWD IT Cell in 2010
30-05-2014 Admin CE/R&B/Admin/IT/e-Tendering/2015-16 dated 29-05-2015 Lowering of e-Tendering Threshold Limit to Rs. 5 Lakhs: District wise Training sessions to C Class and D Class Contractors
29-05-2015 Admin EC1/23016/2014 dated 22-05-2015 Regularisation of Lineman(Electrical)-Details called for
29-5-2015 Admin EE1-22353/2012/Vol II Dated 18-5-15 Service Details of Typist-Called for
Admin ED4-24740/2012 Dated 15-05-2015 Details of Vehicles and Drivers-
13-05-2015 Admin e-Governan/38/15/KSITM dated 10-04-2015 Application invited for PGDeG Course: 2015-16
13-05-2015 Admin Schedule PWD Minister's Review Meeting on 26-05-2015
13-05-2015 Admin Vig.6/5270/2014 dated 06-04-2015 Maintaining Cash book and issuing of receipts in PWD rest Houses - Strict Instructions issued
08-05-2015 ഭരണ വിഭാഗം(Admin) 06-05-2015 - )o തീയതിയിലെ  ഇ.എ -1/26943/2014 സർക്കുലർ  (EA-1/26943/2014 Dated 06-05-2015) ഔദ്യോഗിക ഭാഷാ സമിതി-യോഗം ചേരുന്നത് സംബന്ധിച്ച്(meeting of Official language  committe)-Details called for
05-05-2015 Admin ഇ.എ1/26943/14 dated 24-04-2015 Constitution of Departmental Coordination Committee and District level Official Language Committee - Urgent meeting
28-04-2015 Admin GPF (2)/6182/2006 dated 23-04-2015 GPF contribution to NMR staff: Details called for (Remainder)
28-04-2015 Admin VG-4/6440/15 Immediate Settlement of disciplinary action against Retired Employees
27-04-2015 Admin 15972/EB3/2013 dated 24-04-2015 Appointment of Assistant Engineers (Civil): Verification of appointment -reg
20-04-2015 Admin ഇ.എ1/26943/14 dated 12-03-2015 Constitution of Departmental Coordination Committee and District level Official Language Committee - Reg
20-04-2015 Admin EB1-2497/2015 dated 09-04-2015 Deputation of Executive Engineers as Regional Manager, Kerala State Construction Corporation Ltd: Application invited
16-04-2015 Buildings CE/BL/GL/PRICE/2013/15 dated 16-04-2015 Implementation of PRICE Software - Training to District Coordinators and other staff in Buildings Wing on 21-04-2015
07-04-2015 Admin EB-1/2489/2015 dated 04-04-2015 Application invited from PWD Engineers (CEs, SEs, EEs) in 'Hindu Religion' for Deputation to the Chief Engineer (Civil), Guruvayoor Dewaswam
31-03-2015 Buildings CE/BL/GL/PRICE/2013 dated 31-03-2015 Implementation of PRICE software in the Buildings wing of Kerala Public Works Department strict guidelines issued - reg
21-03-2015 Buildings CE/BL/GL/PRICE/2013 dated 20-03-2015 Implementation of PRICE software: review meeting on 27-03-2015
21-03-2015 Admin 2038/B3/15/PWD dated16-02-2015

M.Tech Degree Course in Translation Engineering at Govt Engineering College, Barton Hill - Application invited


21-03-2015 Admin EB1-2489/2015 dated 12-03-2015 Appointment of Superintending Engineer (Civil) in ESI Corporation on deputation basis - Applications Invited
07-03-2015 Admin EE1/9016/2007 dated 07-03-2015 Service Details of Confidential Assistants called for
07-03-2015 Admin EB1-2497/2015 dated 02-03-2015 Appointment of Regional Manager, KSCC, Kannur on Deputation Basis: Applications invited from AEE & EE in PWD
26-02-2015 Admin CE/PL/Admin/1014 /2005 dated 23-02-2015 Submissions of Local Market rate Justification Estimate: Guidelines Issued
26-02-2015 R&B 160/SC/CE/R&B/RSW/2014 dated 25-02-2015 Road Safety Works - Report called for (Very Urgent)
11-02-2015 Admin EA1-2648/2015 Dated 11-02-2015 Official Language migration_progress report.
09-02-2015 Admin CE/R&B/Admin/IT/General/2014-15 dated 04-02-2015 Implementation of e-Treasury System in Kerala PWD - Training & Details called for Very Urgent
09-02-2015 Admin Vig.1/13633/2010 Show cause notice to Smt. Resmi R Mohan, Assistant Engineer
06-02-2015 Admin EE2/11735/12 dated 24-01-2015
Engagement of Casual labours in PWD - Instructions
17-01-2015 R&B Letter No. A2/121/ KRSA /2013  dated 17-12-2014 with endorcement Kerala Road Safety Authority: Removal of un-authorised boards and hoardings in the side of PWD Roads: Compliance of High Court Judgement - Strict Instructions issued
17-01-2015 Admin EB1-12958/2014 dated 14-01-2015 Appointment of MD in KSCC in deputation basis - Applications invited
14-01-2015 Admin G.O (Rt) No. 57/2015 /PWD dated 09-01-2015 75th Annual Session of Indian Road Congress to be held at Bhubaneswar (Odisha) from 18-01-2015 to 22-01-2015 : Participation of Officers
14-01-2015 Admin CE/HRD/GEN/2012 dated 07-01-2015 Induction training for newly recruited employees in PWD - reg
13-01-2015 R&B 3/SC/CE/R&B/RSW /2014 dated 12-01-2015 Kerala Road Safety Authority: Providing vehicle parking facility for differently abled persons - Reg.
01-01-2015 Buildings CE/BL/GL/2014 dated 01-01-2015 General Instructions regarding preparation of Observed data for Buildings Works
01-01-2015 Admin Vig.6/725/2008 dated 31-12-2014 Submission of returns of "Immovable and/or Movable properties" for 2014
01-01-2015 Admin EA2/15631/2013 dated 30-12-2014 Permanent Deployment of Staff to LSGD: Date extended
27-12-2014 Buildings SS/Fin/Buildings/10145/PWD dated 15-12-2014 Inservice Training to PWD Officials of Buildings South Circle: Nomination of Chief Coordinator
24-12-2014 IT Cell DDFS/Admin/517/ 2014 - KSITM/9532 datedm 06-12-2014 e-Tendering: Purchase of Digital Signature Certificate for PWD staff - Empanelment & Application Procedure
23-12-2014 Admin EB4(a)/4239/14 Dated 15-12-2014 Promotion to the post of 3rd Grade Overseers-List of 3rd grade overseers likely to be promoted
21-12-2014 Admin Letter dated 17-12-2014 from the Office of the Minister for Public Works PWD Minister's State Level review meeting
18-12-2014 Admin CE/Admin/PLA/1014/2005 Cost index to be adopted for DSR 2014
15-12-2014 Admin
e-Tendering Project (GePNIC):Online Feedback Form All Tender Inviting Officers/Users are requested to send the Online Feedback form before 16-12-2014
08-12-2014 Admin 25864/O&M1/2014 /PWD dated 10-12-2014 Internal Complaints Committee constituted as per Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place - Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal Act 2013
08-12-2014 Admin CE/HRD/GEN/2012 dated 06-12-2014 Provision of Official e-mail address to Assistant Engineers - Details called for
29-11-2014 Admin Letter No. EE3/21267/2014 Dated 28-11-2014 Deployment of Roller Driver/ Cleaner- Details called for-
28-11-2014 Admin EB4-2400/2013 dated 20-11-2014 Provisional promotion of II Grade Draftsmen as I Grade Promotion: List of II Grade Draftsmen likely to be promoted published
25-11-2014 Admin ED3/24057/14 dated 21-11-2014 Reporting existing vacancies and anticipated vacancies for the year 2015 to KPSC -reg
25-11-2014 Buildings Letter No. PWD/ELS/Gen/39999/2008 Dated 25-11-2014 Meeting of Electronics Engineers on 28-11-2014
25-11-2014 Admin Circular No. 1/CE/R&B/Admin/IT dated 20-11-2014 Annual Maintenance (AMC) of HCL Computers and Toshiba Multifunction printers supplied to PWD Offices in 2011 through KSTP: Directions issued Very Urgent
19-11-2014 R&B FORMAT
Format for Final Utilisation certificate of Kerala Road Safety Authority Fund
06-11-2014 Admin CE/122/HRD/2009 dated 05-11-2014 Deputation of Engineers in PWD to PG Course: 2015-16
01-11-2014 Admin CE/Admin.PLA/1712/2012 (part) dated 26-09-2014 Mobilisation of additional resources for the state - Revision of non tax revenue
23-10-2014 Admin ED-6453/2011 dated 23-10-2014 Personal hearing on order in OA No 2412 of 2012 filed by Sri. R.Sylesh kumar, Head Clerk on 28-10-14  at South Conference hall, Secretariate
21-10-2014 KRFB 1446/P1/KRFB/2012 dated 17-10-2014 Details of Roads included in Kozhikode City Road Improvement Programme (Phase IA)
20-10-2014 Admin EA4/20901/2014 dated 21-10-2014 Salary of staff in Quality Control regional / District Lab
20-10-2014 Admin GPF/6162/2006 dated 14-10-2014 Reminder: GPF to NMR Staff -reg.
17-10-2014 Admin DPC/14448/2008 dated 17-10-2014 Preparation of select list for promotion to the post of Executive Engineer (Civil): CR and details called for
16-10-2014 R&B 48/CE/R&B/RSW/2012 dated 24-09-2014 Kerala Road Safety Authority: Furnishing utilization certificate of works done by KRSA fund in the prescribed format and surrendering the balance amount
15-10-2014 Admin EA-1/20383/2014 dated 15-10-2014 File Adalath at Chief Engineer (Admin)
09-10-2014 Admin EA1-2078/2014 dated 09-10-2014 National Pension Scheme - Employees joined on or after 01/04/2013 and having no PRAN - verification report called for
01-10-2014 Admin<%